A Christmas-themed August wedding

August 2022 

Hanna and Mart’s wedding took place in August 2022. Their biggest wish was for the wedding to be their face, which resulted in adding Christmas-themed elements. They already had a very supportive vision of the wedding day, and in cooperation we achieved exactly what everyone dreamed.

The wedding day was spent in the middle of the beautiful South Estonian nature in Sangaste Castle. We performed the ceremony below the big oak tree behind the Sangaste castle, thanks to which it turned out to be magical and fairytale-like. Peep-Ain Saar, the matchmaker, told a great story about how the newlyweds met for the first time and conducted the ceremony. The host of the wedding, Andres Torm, was perfectly suited to direct the whole group and lead the evening.

The bar area also became a very special place on the wedding day. We created the bar in the winter garden of Sangaste Castle and decorated it with various tropical elements. “It looked like a magical tropical oasis.” – The bride and groom, Anne & Stiil magazine

A wedding that was full of surprises..

The main band of the evening was the Karl-Erik Taukar Band, which the bride and groom knew long in advance that they wanted. But the musical part of the evening was not limited to that. One of the groom’s Mart’s favorite artists is Andres Kõpper, aka NOËP, and therefore the bride wanted NOËP’s performance to be a surprise for everyone on the wedding day, especially the groom. There were more surprises on the wedding day, for example, the mothers of the bride and groom surprised everyone with their own designed Christmas ornaments with the initials of the bride and groom. Christmas tree decorations were given to the guests and to the bride and the groom. The bride loves the Christmas season with all her heart, and according to her, the tree was so special and the right detail that made the wedding ‘their wedding’.

“The whole wedding was a crazy success. We enjoyed the day with all our hearts, thanks to our wedding planners. We never worried, we were in the moment and felt nothing but happiness the whole time.” – The bride and groom, Anne & Stiil magazine

There is no rehearsal before the wedding – there is only one and only unique day!

The whole synergy and atmosphere of Hanna and Mart’s wedding was so wonderful and powerful. Of course, the decorations and the whole program are hugely important when it comes to weddings, but all of that would mean nothing if you don’t have people around to offer it to. Hanna and Mart and their guests turned the whole wedding into a fairytale. Their wedding took place in a manor, which in turn tells its own story and creates a special feeling.

When it comes to manor weddings, it’s important to keep in mind that not everything is perfect, and there are unrenovated corners, stairs, or other challenges. In fact, all this makes the manors so special – with their history, memories and atmosphere. “You have to remember that the manor is full of stories and your wedding day will be one of them – you will become part of the manor and vice versa.” – Our wedding planner Merily, Anne & Stiil magazine

You can also read the feedback and description of Hanna and Mart’s wedding also in the Anne & Stiil’s publication!

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