Estonian winter

How to organize an outdoor event in the winter?

The most mystical time is here – Estonian winter.

We will create you an image:

Cold and crisp weather. You have just come from a photo hunt, hike or an orientation with your friends or family…

Waiting for you there is a fireplace with delicious barbecue and steaming hot beverages. The atmosphere is created with lanterns, hay packs, sheepskins, light chains. You will get comfortable in blankets and listen to pleasing melodic saxophone, poems or exciting stories…

Don’t cancel your events – celebrate outside, where there is air, enough space and nice minus degrees that are refreshing your mind and health!

Important points to remember!

  • If you invite someone to perform, make sure you have a heater that would reach the musician as well as the instrument. Cold winter weather and humidity is not good for neither the instrument nor the musicians fingers and vocal chords.
  • It would be great to have a toilet nearby, for example RMK campsites have them.
  • Take care of your family/friends and check that you have disinfectants with you. Often outdoor events do not have access to running water and it is the only way to clean hands.
  • The event can’t be too long, consider the weather conditions.


PS! We follow the instructions and recommendations given by the government and the Health Board for all created events!

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