Ramune and Taivo’s summer morning in Setomaa


Our wedding was much more wonderful than we had imagined! The most important thing for us was to listen to our hearts and dare to dream! So many elements of our wedding began from a small dream…

Our road with the wedding planner crossed during our friend’s wedding, where we carefully observed what they were doing and did we need them. We quickly realized that we wish that our wedding day and the planning before it would be carefree and smooth, with as little left to chance as possible and to have someone who would help us to bring our ideas to life. Even though we had planned and booked some things by ourselves, we felt that we could breathe more easily and the wedding planning got new energy!

We had started collecting our thoughts from Pinterest, but there are so many beautiful ideas…!!! We needed someone who could see the whole picture and help us choose the ideas that would actually fit together. Before the wedding we got a visual plan from the wedding planners, that helped us imagine what our wedding is going to look like. We did not want to change anything, because it was based on us and our wishes.

The most beautiful moment of our wedding was when we arrived at the location of the ceremony, in Setomaa’s tourism farm, behind the smoke-sauna… The guests were on the other side of the sauna waiting for our opening song performed by Lenna to begin. The song “Suvehommik Setumaal” became the wedding hymn for the bride, who had spent most of her childhood summers there, and for the groom, who had fell in love with the scenic Setomaa, as soon as the location of the wedding was chosen. In addition to our dream entrance song, the ceremony was made magnificent by the small and private location of the ceremony that the wedding planner  recommended, a wonderful wedding arch with flower arrangements and rose petals on the pond made by Ahti Lyra. And of course our master of the ceremony, a splendid and humorous Kalle Kõiv! And the little soap bubbles blown by our friends after the ceremony, “Õnnega koos” by Lenna playing in the background. I still get the chills of happiness!

As feedback, it was especially clear that our wedding was beautiful and sincere – exactly what we had wanted. Not to be decorated with foreign feathers but to have a party that would be like us and heartfelt, the wedding planner got our wishes very well. Many people have asked what would we change about our wedding day if we could… We don’t know what to say, because for us it was all perfect and without any worries! It is sad that it was only one day of our lives.

  1. Dare to dream! Dreams have a habit to come true!
  2. On your wedding day – look around! It is your wedding – be in the moment and just enjoy. (Possible only when you have a wedding planner.)
  3. Friends make the wedding! For us this day wouldn’t have been the same without our relatives and friends to spend it with!
Merilin Kaustel-Lehemets, Pulmakorraldaja
Organizing & visuals
The MC
Andres Torm
Master of ceremony
Kalle Kõiv
Setomaa Turismitalo
Lenna & band, DJ Hannes Kalamäe
Ahti Lyra
Grete Lill ja juuksur Heleri Suurmaa
Bride's dress
Groom's suit
Baltman, lips DeMoog
Mari Hüvato käsitöö ja disain
Wedding car
Sven Kuklane, vanaauto.ee
Wedding cake
Katrina Randma

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