Pireti ja Maidu sirelililla armastus. 09.06.2018 Me tahtsime abielluda. Tahtsime seda ühel kindlal päeval. Tahtsime, et see päev oleks ilus ja täis ainult positiivseid emotsioone. Nii meile endile, kui meie külalistele. Me teadsime, et meist kummalgi pole aega seda kõike ise korraldada. Me arvasime, et alustades aktiivselt ca pool aastat varem on see kõik saavutatav.… Read More

Internal communication, information and family events

Internal communication, information and family events In the beginning of each event planning process our biggest motivation is to see a successful result and it's positive effect on the society, corporations and our clients. Internal communication More often than not employers put all their emphasis on what they look like and forget about their employees.… Read More

Conferences, seminars and fairs

Conferences, seminars and fairs Together with our clients we want to inspire, create extraordinary moments and offer a world-class experience. Conferences, seminars or fairs, small or big, all events will be exclusive and recieve an impeccable planning. Conferences In today's competition-led world conference organization is a separate profession. It's not just a job, but an… Read More

Client events and promotions

Client events and promotions We guarantee you a dynamic experience on stage, on screen, in the auditorium and online - from idea to execution. With Celebrate's team we will take your brand and our years worth of experience to put together a successful event and a memorable experience. Our goal is to engage the audience… Read More

Ekspress Media Business Client Event

Sensational Hip-Hop party for Ekspress Media 04. juuli 2019 For which event are clients willing to cut short their vacations and leave everything else on stand-by? Of course for Ekspress Media's sensational hip-hop business client event! On a hot summer night we turned an old factory into a glamurous and authentic hip-hop club. In cooperation… Read More
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