Our story

Celebrate Group is a world-class event planner. With a years worth of experience in the field we can guarantee all-encompassing solutions, trustworthy, qualitative and personal service.

Our founder is Taago, who had the crazy idea to start planning weddings already in 2012. He has a degree in hotel management and product design, loves most of all good food and drinks and he had been active in catering and accommodation businesses for already over 10 years, thus the step of founding his own company was highly logical.

Almost immediately he included Merily, who has experience and contacts in event planning and musical fields. A year on from there, Liisa joined their team, who won everyone over with a great organizing skill and an eye for beauty. The three musketeers worked day and night, completing each other in every way.

By 2018 Pulmakorraldaja.ee had taken over the wedding-market in Estonia and it was time to expand. Weddings are the crown-jewel of events with their abundant details, personal touches and big workload. Hence it made sense to proceed with planning all sorts of other events as well. With years many members have been added to the team and now we can say that we are ready to rule the world!