A spirited summer merger party of Ekspress Meedia and Ajakirjade Kirjastus

12. July 2018

Weddings are always a spectacular event whether it’s a classical one or a spirited merger party between two companies! We had a great honour to organize a spectacular event where we celebrated the merging of Ajakirjade Kirjastus with Ekspress Meedia’s family.  

We organized a true surprise party where, as a result of a well kept secret, the guests unexpectedly arrived at a 90’s themed media-wedding. The MC Tõnis Milling called out volunteers to be the bride and the groom who would formally tie the knot with newspaper rings and a firm handshake. 

And of course there was a proper photo shoot, so that both families would remember the big event for years.

A summery customer event full of emotions

We sent the old name and logo of the publication to Nigeria, to spend a well earned vacation. As a congratulatory schnapps we offered the undying combination of the 90’s – Sovetskoje champagne and Old Tallinn liqueur. When the formalities were exchanged the summery customer event got it’s true vibe. 

A first class 90’s party was brought to people by Nancy, Viru Variete and Märt Rannamäe

According to a right wedding we also went through all appropriate traditions – the opening speech was given by the bride’s father Hans H. Luik, the guests took part in an exciting quiz, the wedding badges were given out and the wedding cake was ceremonially cut. 

The unique photo corner also received a lot of attention, where it was possible to send pictures in .gif format directly to social media, as if looking at the future! It provided excitement and fun for the whole evening. 

Event organizers going through their parents wedding albums

The mergers reached out to us quite late and for us that meant a fast period of work and continuous brainstorming for how to organize a truly successful summer merger party. 

For the merger to be as authentic as possible we dived with our whole team into our parents wedding albums to find the most unforgettable wedding traditions and customs. So the walls were decorated with posters filled with humorous jokes about the press. Of course the decorations were suitable for the era and at the cocktail table it was possible to find a drunkenness meter according to what it was possible to choose what to drink. 

It is sure that the party was spectacular and the guests talked about it for a long time. So we congratulate the merged companies as we congratulate the bride and the groom – would the marriage be fruitful and eternal! 

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Tõnis Milling
Märt Rannamäe
Location and catering
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