Hiie and Fréderic – French fieriness and Estonian smartness


On a cold afternoon of February Hiie called from Luxembourg – they had decided with Frédéric to celebrate their marriage in Estonia… By that moment the date was set and the Church of the Holy Spirit was booked. The half-year adventure began, which on 12.08.17 was greeted with the hottest weather, the biggest thunderstorm and the celebration of a wonderful marriage…

Hiie and Frédéric registered their marriage at the end of 2016 in Luxembourg, just the two of them, without much fuss… “However, the groom’s soul was not satisfied that he could not share this important moment with his family, and as required by French custom, he wanted to do so in the bride’s church.The bride then graciously agreed.” Hiie had never dreamed of a white dress or a wedding and did not even know how weddings are celebrated nowadays. “Specially in Estonia from where I’ve been away for 12 years. When I finally started to realize that it has to be done, the soulstrings started to work and the decisions were made – the design and colour of the dress, that my son would hand me over to the groom in front of the altar and that “Laulatus” from the movie Viimne Reliikvia is playing. It was vital for my husband to ask all the questions in his own voice in front of the altar and to have a lot of fun and laughter and to dance at the party.”

“Our initial wish was to find a manor in a beautiful place in Southern-Estonia, with accommodation for all guests on site. Especially to show Estonian nature to my husband’s large French-Italian family.

But at that moment there weren’t many options left to choose from and then the importance of transportation started to affect our decision, because most of the guests were foreigners. Nature does not tolerate empty spaces and so we found Saku manor, which with its beautiful halls and festivity met our expectations.”

The most moving moment for Frédéric was when Hiie was walking down the aisle with her son. For Hiie the most meaningful moment was their first dance. The band had even learned a beautiful piece in Italian “Senza Fine”

On the wedding day the sky was covered with magical light and to shake up the guests, it started pouring rain just when their bus arrived and opened the doors. Luckily the umbrellas were waiting for them and it didn’t ruin anybody’s mood. This wedding was full of fun, laughter and dancing. Magic Mirror was more popular than ever before and the guest book was missing pages because everyone had so much to say to the bride and groom.

Marit Kuusk & Pulmakorraldaja
Organizing & visuals
EELK Viimsi Püha Jaakobi kirik
Gustav Piir, orelil Olga Gams
Music at church
Keelpillitrio & choir Credo
Location & catering
Saku mõis
The MC
Taavi Puuorg
Lucky Jeans
Ülar Enn
Wedding cake
Handmade truffles
Ahti Lyra, Masha
Bride's dress
Darja Tamm
Magic Mirror
Mari Hüvato käsitöö ja disain
Katriin Korsar

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