Kaidi ja Rene’s twisted classic


The highlight of this truly hot summer was Kaidi and Rene’s wedding. Kaidi and Rene are very warm people full of love and kindness, and their special day reflected it all! For us it was a wedding full of many interesting challenges and unique solutions and we enjoyed every moment of organizing and carrying out this wedding. Continuous blazing happiness and love for You!

The most heartfelt ceremony in the church, that was also the most memorable moment of the day for the bride, was followed by an eventful and spectacular journey to the wedding party location. The bride and groom with their children enjoyed a carriage ride through Rapla, together with the wedding guests they had a nice picnic in the riverside park, where, among other things, the bride’s maiden name was sent to the water with a stone. On the road there were many joyous surprises organized by the local community. When the toughest obstacles were passed, the bride and groom added glamour and horsepower to the journey with a 1934 Rolls-Royce. 

In Kõue manor, there was a spacious and gorgeous party tent in the middle of charming greenery, waiting for the wedding party. At first all the 160 guests got handmade souvenir cups with their name on them, that led them to their table and helped to reserve their place. With fun games, plenty of dance, wonderful food, drinks and music, the sublime day passed into the early morning hours. 

It was a big and heartfelt party where it was fun for the adults as well as for the little guests. The day was full of surprises for mind and tongue. For the children the most memorable were balloons and a generous macron and cake table. The adults were taken down by Ivo Linna himself in the second part of the evening. 

Kaidi admitted that she had secretly dreamed and gathered her thoughts for a long time, what her wedding day will look like one day. Now, later when the wedding is over, she realized that all her dreams have come true and the day succeeded just like they had hoped: “Everything went perfectly!”

Organizing and decorating
Margus Muts, Pulmakorraldaja.ee
Vahur Jüris
Lucky Jeans, Ivo Linna ja Antti Kammiste, DJ Roland Väli
Birgit Käsper (Taani Filmi Akadeemia)
Kõue mõis
Wedding cake
Levier, Angelika Kang
Ahti Lyra
Photobooth Estonia
Bride's dress and accessories
Kleit Aldo Järvsoo, kingad Ted Baker, ehted TiSento
Groom's suit and accessories
Errier ülikond, kingad Uncle Paul
Ellen Walge ja juuksed Erica Roosimaa
Mihkel Kukk, Rapla Maarja-Magdaleena kirik
Tervise catering
Picnic catering
Pargi Resto
Technical solutions
Kataja Telk
Graphic design
Rental products
Kõvernael, Piigade Peosahver
TaevaniMaani Meistrikoda
Transport of the bride and groom
Voore Tallid, Special Garage

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