Headliners – Nublu and Gameboy Tetris

December 2019

On a quiet December evening Estonian Bar Association’s glamorous but fierce Christmas party took place, that brought together a record of over 500 lawyers and made the walls of the Creative Hub shake. The headliner of the evening was Nublu together with Gameboy Tetris, who understandably didn’t leave anyone cold and thanks to whom the walls of the Black Box could have been made of rubber.

Of course, we also offered other entertainment and relaxation to lawyers who worked intensively throughout the year. One of the goals of the event was to create unity and team spirit. For that we created an activity where participants were able to have a pleasant conversation, without responsibilities and stress, to find people who had the same hobbies as them.

We also offered humorous moments with upside down goggles and passionate DJs. All of it was of course accompanied by delicious food, good wines and enjoyable cocktails. When the official part of the party ended, the good vibe and quality conversations found from the party, continued in Tallinn Old Town until the early hours of the morning. 

Organizing and decorations
Celebrate Group
Tallinn Creative Hub
Nublu & Gameboy Tetris
Raul Mee & Raigo Pajula
Event Catering
Technical solutions
Diana Dunkel & Elton Lauring

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