Expolio’s Christmas Party

December 2019

Quite unexpectedly, a groom whose wedding we had organized, contacted us in the end of November, with desperate need for help. As he had trusted us with his wedding, trusting us with his company’s Christmas party seemed much easier. 

When the time was mercilessly ticking and the things didn’t seem to work out two weeks before the party date, he had to contact us. The question came from the call: “Is it even possible?” We couldn’t give any other answer than – of course it is possible” 

Very quickly we found all the needed service providers. Despite Christmas being a very busy period for everyone, we found wonderful waiters, the band and other necessary things. The pieces of the puzzle magically fitted together within two weeks.

On the day of the party, when we arrived at the location we had a new surprise – as the party was taking place in the company’s building that was still under construction, everything was covered with dust and the place did not feel like there could be a festive Christmas party happening. We had three hours, so we had to start working!

With the highest pace our team started to set up the vision – lights on the ceiling and walls, Christmas trees into the room and candles on the tables. When Expolio’s team arrived, the room was filled with Christmas spirit and the party could start!

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