Johanna ja Taago – romance of the sea and forest


In Johanna and Taago’s wedding two worlds met. The bride came from the forests and the groom by the sea and that’s how the forest and the sea were intertwined together forever. That theme followed the whole magical day. 

What made this beautiful wedding even more special was that the whole agenda was a complete surprise for the guests. The only thing that had been told to the guests was where to gather in the morning. Quite unusually, some details were hidden even from the bride and groom. The bride didn’t know what the ceremony would look like and the groom didn’t know that there would be spectacular fireworks in the evening. All mysterious details were organised with the help of the wedding planner, so that the other side wouldn’t know anything about it. 

The ceremony took place in the middle of the forest of Hiiumaa, where the forest floor was decorated with fairy lanterns. When the bride entered, a mystical piece by Pärt Uusberg “Õhtu ilu” was playing and the forest filled with thick smoke. After the ceremony the bride and groom went to the photoshoot and the guests set off with the bus towards the unknown. Before arriving at the wedding party location, the guests stopped at Hiiumaa’s Hill of Crosses, did a mandatory round at Kärdla central square and drove to a little chapel, where the MC Andres Dvinjaninov introduced himself to the guests with a charming song. The party took place by the sea side, where the fairy theme, that started from the ceremony, continued, in the party hall was also filled with the greenery brought from the forest. In addition to the bride and groom and the guests, there were also plenty of sunflowers, which brought even more sun to this beautiful day.

There were a lot of fun and exciting surprises during the evening. In this way, the name was sent away with a fish, the guests performed a group dance, which was learned when the bride and groom went for a photoshoot and also humorous games were played. The guests also told funny stories about the bride and groom, most of whom the other guests had no idea.

The bride and groom shone with happiness and would not exchange any details from their wedding day!

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Organizing and decorating
Rene Riisalu
Sinisilm Films
Andres Dvinjaninov
Master of Ceremony
Janek Pallase
Hiiessaare sadam
Enn Tobreluts BBQ Entertainment
Sten-Olle Moldau
James Werts World Project
Ahti Lyra
Wedding cake
Paavli koogitare

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