Merilin and Mark’s fairytale wedding in the greenery of Kõltsu manor park


We always jokingly tell everyone that the decision to marry came because of Brexit. But actually it is very difficult to explain. It was just the right feeling – that’s the person I really want to spend my whole life with!

We took a lot of time to organize our wedding. Mainly, because the pace of life is fast and we were constantly traveling for work, but also because we wanted to enjoy the wedding planning process.

The vision and inspiration for our wedding was green fairytale forest. Since more than half of our guests came from abroad, it was important to us that they would have a comfortable stay and that it would be easy to arrive at the wedding. But how do you find the greenery and wilderness without it being too far and too extreme for English ladys with fancy hats? That’s where the team of Pulmakorraldaja and florist Ahti Lyra helped us!

For both of us, the most memorable moment of our wedding was the ceremony. It didn’t leave the guests cold either – big men, eyes watery. Mark’s speech was also memorable for many people and the English guests were fascinated by the food. These three topics are still under discussion when we happen to talk about our wedding. 

In the end, everything turned out the way we dreamed and we also found ways to save. For us everything truly went as we had planned on our wedding day. And that is probably the reason why we chose the wedding planners – to be able to enjoy the party with our friends and family and that we wouldn’t have to worry and run around solving problems. Even if there were some problems, we didn’t notice it. And that is why we always recommend our friends who are getting married to get some help in organizing if possible, it is worth it. 

We recommend the future brides and grooms to take a moment together away from the wedding party to just go and enjoy the moment. To remember, what smells, sounds and lights surround you. Just take this moment with your partner and create an image of this wonderful day and take time for each other, because this day goes by so fast!

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