Eva-Maria and Ivo’s fresh spring wedding



Eva-Maria and Ivo had enjoyed their life together for years before they decided to make it official. Having been together for a long time, they initially decided to organize their wedding by themselves.

However, as the organizing did not progress very well, the wedding even had to be postponed for a year. “We reached some agreements, but we couldn’t find a suitable location and the organizing grew over our heads,” described the bride their way to hiring a wedding planner. Eva-Maria had heard many stories about how planning a wedding is extremely stressful, especially for the bride and so they decided to give the organizing to the professionals. “In reality, a wedding is like a show where every detail is polished to perfection and it would be great to be able to enjoy it,” assured the bride and said that that is exactly what she could do on her wedding day thanks to Celebrate Groups team.

We set the characters of Eva-Maria and Ivo as the vision of the wedding day – rather a modest and not exaggerated party. We started to exclude the ideas and thoughts and reached an ideal result. “We definitely wanted to avoid some mainstream elements in decoration,” said the bride. Since the wedding took place in the spring, it was possible to add loads of freshness and airiness. As the cut of the wedding dress was in the style of the 60s, we ruled out excessive embellishments in the decorations. We tried to bring vividness with golden tableware, which blended very well with the greenery on the table.

The couple had set themselves a strict budget, that they did not want to overstep. Even though it meant there had to be some compromising in at times quite grandiose ideas, the wedding planner helped them to have exactly the wedding that would bring a smile to their faces even years after the wedding. “The feeling is great and everything was as it was meant to be!” assured the newlyweds. “For us delicious food and a good band were very important. A full stomach is the premise of a good mood!”

Eva-Maria and Ivo are very pleased with the highlight of their lives. The ceremony took place ashore a beautiful lake. But the subtle spring decided on that exact moment that it should start pouring rain. Nonetheless it was the most moving moment for the bride and groom. “It is such a cool feeling when you see all the dearest people being there for us!” The wedding planner solved the rainy situation quickly by giving umbrellas to those who wanted. “If there is something I could do differently, I would involve the wedding planner sooner,” said Eva-Maria with laughter. “No failures reached us, if there were any at all, everything was organized in great detail. For the future brides and grooms they recommend to openly talk about your plans and wishes with your wedding planner and boldly say if there is anything you don’t like. “ The most important thing is that you would feel good yourself!”

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