Future Cloud Summit Tallinn 2018

 October 2018

More than 100 people participated in Future Cloud summit 2018 from various countries all over the world, including China, Finland, Denmark, England and the Baltic States.

The conference’s goal was to position an Estonian datacenter software among the world leaders of their field. To reach that target we invited Nokia, Inspur, Solita, Lenovo and other great names of the industry to participate.

Regarding the goal we created an atmosphere that would support the Estonian brand and made its true potential shine.

We also took into account that loads of photographs and good quality videos were needed so that they could be used later on as marketing materials.

Why should you have entertainment at a conference?

During the breaks of Future Cloud Summit the participants could freshen their minds and spirits with pleasurable food and drinks. Estonia’s most known magician Meelis Kubo was there to entertain and a DJ played some nice tunes.

One of the main goals of a conference is socializing, which can often even be one of the most important parts. The possibility of communicating builds a base for wide networks, new contacts and partnerships that benefit all sides.

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