Gairi and Pärni’s unbelievable lilac wedding in July


Gairi and Pärn are people who are full of positivity and vitality. And that’s what their wedding day was like as well – full of laughter, energy and surprises.

It all began when the bride said “Yes” to the groom and the 10 months long wedding planning began.

The bride had a certain wish that the ceremony must take place at a beach. Everything else came naturally.

However, there was one more dream – lilacs. Many florists refused to bring this idea to life – July is not the best month for a lilac wedding. So the bride and the groom already agreed to the alternative option. But in the morning of our wedding day our florist, Ahti Lyra, came out with lilacs. The bride was moved to tears.

The main goal of the wedding was to organise a memorable and enjoyable wedding to family and friends. “We brought to life the things that we like. We didn’t think every step of the way, where we should save money. With every price offer we asked what is usually the average price and then we decided if we are willing to pay the average, more than it or is it too much for us.”

“If you ask whether we made any considerable compromises, then the answer is yes. One day before the wedding we got a call that the baker who had to make our wedding cake is at the ER and is not able to make our cake – that was a shock for us! Fortunately the wedding planner found a way so that we had the cake. Not the way we originally planned, but at least the wedding cake was beautiful and delicious!”

In conclusion everything was as it was meant to be – even the groom made it to the altar on his own feet :).

The bride recalls that on the wedding day she walked to the party tent to see if everything was going as planned and the wedding planner asked her to come closer to see something. The first thought was what had gone wrong now. And then she saw that the bridal bouquet was made entirely of lilacs. “The lilacs that I did not even hope to get by that time. It was a moment when I didn’t have enough words to say what I’m feeling.”

The most moving moment for the bride and the groom was walking down the aisle hand in hand and the feeling that struck, when we had finally put the rings to our fingers. “We had a feeling of release (yes, release), that now we can enjoy the party, because the most stressful part is over!”

For the guests the most memorable were the master of ceremony and the surprise performer Marju Länik. “We, ourselves, remind the party with a great warm feeling. With humour we think about how eager our older daughter was to go and throw flower blossoms as a flower girl but then changed her mind halfway to the altar and ran back crying because the crowd was so scary for her.”

For the future brides and grooms the couple recommends to be ready for some compromises and it will all be emotionally easier. If you have little children or not that much time, then hire a wedding planner from the beginning.

“We want to thank everyone who helped with our wedding. All our guests – they made the party as good as it was. Our parents. The groom’s brother and sister in law. And of course the people who made the beautiful clothes and decorations, made the bride beautiful, played music, led the evening, captured the party in photographs, the staff of the party location and the people who held it all together – the wedding planners. Honestly, if you have wedding planners, the bride and groom can talk to people, dance and enjoy the party!”

Wedding planner & decorator
Mihkel Leis
The MC
Eero Reinu
Master of Ceremony
Peep-Ain Saar
Location and catering
Ojako puhke- ja koolituskeskus
Rivo Rehe
Surprise performer
Marju Länik
Ahti Lyra
Paper art
Kristiina Martinson
Wedding cake
Angeelika Kang
Wedding dress
Karin Remmelgas
Brides accessories
New Vintage by Kris, Elena Volk
Grooms suit
Baltika, vesti Baltika materjalidest ümber teinud Karin Remmelgas
Grooms accessories
Helen Saveljeva
Maarja Slugen

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