Permanent makeup international gala evening

Sviatoslav Otchenash’s Tallinn Master Class


Each new year brings an opportunity to bring permanent makeup professionals from around the world together for a 3-day series of events.

Already, for the fourth time, we organized Sviatoslav Otchenash’s Tallinn Master Class, which brought together people from 39 different nationalities.

Sviatoslav Otchenash is an internationally known permanent makeup artist operating in Estonia. The aim of the annual event is to present the latest methods and techniques of Sviatoslav and his team in the permanent makeup field.

The concept of the 2023 event was about Estonia and our culture. We wanted to show Estonian traditions and customs to those coming from abroad. Activities and visuals related to the homeland were primarily created for the evening gala of the second day and the afterparty of the third day. The three-day event started with a conference. You can read more about the conference here!

The international gala evening took place on August 18th at Tallinn Seaplane Harbor. For one evening, the harbor museum became an environment full of glamor and excitement suitable for a gala. Karolin Vetevoog played a bagpipe on top of the shipwreck called ‘Lembit’, and in the front lobby the great Henri Zibo and Mikk Langeproon played the accordions. The opening show of the evening was definitely one of the most special parts of the gala, as a powerful program was put together in cooperation with Utopia Entertainment and Don Ulvik. The dancers of Utopia demonstrated passionate sauna customs and energetic folk dance steps.

Maru catering had put out delicious food on the other side of the hall. The gala room also had a Photobooth Estonia’s 360-degree photography corner and two photo walls. In the later part of the evening, none other than 2 Quick Start performed, which is a favorite band of many Estonians, and at the end of the evening you could dance to DJ Aaro Põder’s music.

An international gala evening that was full of passion, internationalism, good music and a reflection of Sviato Academy in the best way!

See also the after-party of the international conference organized in 2023, that took place on the third night!

Celebrate Group
Nom Design Studio, Celebrate Group
Photographer vol 1
Andres Raudjalg
Photographer vol 2
Viktor Holikov
Infocus Media OÜ (Alex Dg)
Aaro Põder
Different, Kõvernael, Funrent
Ahti Lyra
Technical solutions
Photo wall balloons
Opening show
Silver Ulvik & Utopia Entertainment
Bagpipe player
Karolin Vetevoog
Accordion players
Henri Zibo ja Mikk Langeproon
Photobooth 360
Photobooth Estonia

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