Liisi and Lauri’s winter wonderland


The people just as sweet and warm as Liisi and Lauri, are perfectly suitable to celebrate their wedding in cold January! Their wedding party was sparklingly beautiful, heartfelt and full of love.

We had thought about our wedding for a couple of years when we were traveling around Estonia and Europe, discovering interesting places where we saw ourselves getting married and celebrating. Sadly there was always a reason why we didn’t actually start organizing and the wedding was postponed. In the beginning of last summer, we didn’t see any obstacles and it seemed like the right time to start being more serious about it. As we had been together for six years by that time and we had two children, it was important to us that the whole family would carry the same surname. We decided to get married seven months before the wedding. A lot of people ask why we wanted to have our wedding in the winter. The answer is very logical to us – we wanted the date to be special and that it wouldn’t be lost between many other celebrations, that in the summer happen almost every weekend. Now we have a very special day to celebrate during winter.

We started organizing from choosing the location. The availability of sufficient accommodation was important when making the decision – about 80 people needed to be accommodated, and this possibility is not offered by many places during the winter. We had been in Vihula before and we remembered it well. The entire manor complex is renovated and works 100%, at the same time there is enough history remaining to create a cozy and genuine atmosphere for the special day. The second important component for our wedding was the band. We wanted to see Brigit perform at our wedding and in our and our guests opinion it was the best choice and surprise of the evening. Her repertoire contained everything a wedding needs – there was dance music as well as beautiful ballads, that everyone could sing along. Thirdly – you shouldn’t compromise when choosing the MC. It is very important to find the connection already on the first meeting. Our choice was Tõnis Milling, who quickly got along with the people, offered great surprises and made our wedding party memorable.

The style of the wedding was set with the help of Pinterest and the wedding planner. As we had many different ideas at first, we needed to find the right path for us. Our theme was wintery glamour – sophisticated and elegant. As our wedding colours we chose white, pink and gold. We are very thankful that the wedding planner led us to the right people who helped us with the invitations, floristics and other decorations. Everything was very unique! It still seems unbelievable that we had lilacs and peonies in bridal bouquet.

We didn’t worry about what we wanted to have as a wedding gift for too long. We were sure from the beginning that it should fit in an envelope, because that would help us to make one of our big dreams come true. Still we wanted to solve the questions of flowers a bit differently to not trouble the flowers with long transportation during cold winter. Again the wedding planner offered a suitable solution for us. The solution were books with dedication that are now on our shelves reminding us of our lovely day.

The most moving moments happened during our wedding ceremony. Birgit was singing, Kalle Kõiv made a speech, bridesmaids and groomsmen were standing next to us and our son bringing our wedding rings – everything was so beautiful and special. It also became memorable when our daughter broke her grandmother’s pearl necklace shortly before we said the word “yes” and the pearls fell one by one on the floor in silence.

If we could organize our wedding again, we wouldn’t change anything!

Organizing & visuals
Krõõt Tarkmeel
Kristjan Kivistik, Stuudiopunkt
The MC
Tõnis Milling
Kalle Kõiv
Location & catering
Vihula mõis
Funtime Showservice
Band & DJ
Birgit & band, DJ Ronald Väli
Kristina Hirv, Blossoms
Age Kogerma, Pulmapisik
Wedding cake

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