A unique team event on a crisp winter evening

February 2021

We really appreciated the words of a member of the IceFire team: “I would like to thank you for organizing a very great event!” ❄

Based on the feedback, the event was surprising and refreshing for the participants. According to a member of IceFire, there are several traditions in their team, and one of them is team events, but unfortunately it was very difficult to keep these traditions in 2020 and 2021. “Despite the very cold weather and the difficult time of the corona epidemic, we managed to spend another nice evening in each other’s company thanks to you!” 

The weather that evening was quite crisp, about -10 degrees, but that didn’t stop us or the Icefire employees from spending a very pleasant evening in the Old City of Tallinn. The guide and entertainer of the group was Kaupo, who was able to attract everyone’s attention with his presence and good storytelling. In between the walk, they visited Draakon’s cafe, where they were offered a drink of Draakon’s tear and hot mulled wine, which helped to keep everyone warm. “The especially delicious pork tenderloin and grilled Aberdeen Black Angus beef offered for dinner are still mentioned to this day.”

IceFire’s winter team event is a true example that even dark and cold time cannot take away the joy from people, and if there is even a little bit of will, you can organize very fun gatherings.

Tallinn's Old Town courtyard
Evening host
Kaupo Rebane
Taago Heinmaa
Decorations rental

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