Gala of the Permanent Makeup International Conference

(Tallinn Masterclass by Sviatoslav Otchenash)


“Tallinn Masterclass by Sviatoslav Otchenash” is a flagship event of the permanent make-up domain, and this year 250 key personnel and aspiring artists convened from 39 countries around the world.

We needed to inspire a high degree of participation and fit the traditional 3-day format into an original narrative.

Thus, the event concept “Reflection” was born. 

To “Reflect” means connecting to and becoming our most authentic selves, releasing societal pressure in the process. 

This journey to reaching complete beauty – in and out – through “Reflection”, would inspire the artists to produce their most authentic creative work.

The Tallinn MC conference was held between 26-27.08.22 at the Hilton Hotel. For the evenings and post-conference day, an unforgettable entertainment program was planned. 

After a successful conference, the participants were guided to the Cruise Port of Tallinn, where a grandiose Award Gala would be held. At this festivity, the students were recognized with certificates, and the uniqueness of the permanent make-up domain was celebrated.

The Award Gala became a bridge, uniting elements of both the practical and creative. Mimes with enhanced looks guided guests to have drinks from Sviatoslav’s ice figure, a representation of the melting social facade we wear. Acrobatics and dance shows, a reminder of human limitlessness and self-belief. Decorations of disco balls and other reflective surfaces to remind us to “Reflect”.

On the last day of the gathering, we hosted a thematic Afterparty at the Klinkberg Summer Venue to inspire further socializing and enjoyment of the sweeter side of life. read about the Afterparty here!

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