Janis and Anneli’s pearl wedding


Janis and Anneli are an inspiring and admirable couple, who prove that there is love that lasts forever. They celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary filled with laughter, fun and glamour, together with their good friends and family. The guest list was almost the same as 30 years ago, so when the original wedding video was shown, the room was filled with memories and the joy of recognition.

We were delighted and had the greatest honour to organize Janis and Anneli’s party. We love people, who value the moments and invest their soul in them. Likewise it is with Janis and Anneli’s family – we have organized many events with them – weddings, anniversaries – and we believe there will be many memorable events in the future as well.

How to make the wedding anniversary memorable and special?

  • Why not take the original wedding invitation as an example and let the designer bring it to life again and send it to the guests. The joy of recognition will be great and exciting.
  • Look up the wedding photos and video and show them at the event. On this particular wedding there was a 3-hour video filmed that we had the videograph montage into a 5-minute aftermovie. During the party we showed it twice. 
  • Think about the guests – what would be the entertainment that would be suitable for them. There are different generations together, so the party’s content should fit everyone. 
  • Don’t save money on food and drinks – delicious food and good drinks will caress the senses and memories for a long time.
  • Give the guests a chance to surprise themselves – for example at Janis and Anneli’s party there was a surprise performance from Toomas Lunge. 
  • Invest in photo- and videographer to to archive memories and pass on family values and traditions.
  • Enjoy the party. Life is valuable and it should be celebrated!


Anneli and Janis cherished us with some wonderful feedback: 

“What you did was excellent and left an indelible impression. After the guests left, we stayed there with our children and their partners to nostalgize. Everything went perfectly and the hall looked great. We haven’t heard that many praising words in a long time. We were asked to organize more similar parties, for some people it was the best party of the century.

Thanks to you we will think about it. Anyway, thank you very much and good luck to your great team!”

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