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We wanted to get married. We wanted to do it on a specific day. We wanted that day to be beautiful and full of only positive emotions. To us and to our guests. We knew that neither of us had time to organize it all. We thought that if we start actively organizing the wedding about half a year before, we can do it. And we did it. Thanks to all our good acquaintances, friends and the wedding planners. 

Getting married is definitely the most important event in two happy persons’ lives. We were convinced that nothing can be left to chance in organizing it and everyone must have a beautiful memory of the event. When the wedding date was made sure, we started to look for helpers, wedding planners, who would help us to make our wishes come true. We met many wedding planners from whom the people of pulmakorraldaja.ee left us the most professional impression. They asked the right questions and left us a positive first impression. To everyone who is looking for a wedding planner, we recommend starting from two criteria – can the wedding planner organize the wedding better than you and do you think alike with the wedding planner. This kind of thing, a certain understanding, has to happen between you and the wedding planners, otherwise hard to hope for success.

And then we started to look for a location for the wedding. And musicians, and the MC, etc. Looking back, we can say that we were lucky enough that we decided to organize our wedding in the beginning of June, because the more summer goes on, the more difficult it is to find a suitable location and band. That way we would have already been late with our half year organizing time, or we would have had to compromise a lot. But we didn’t have to.

We wanted the ceremony to take place in St. Mary’s Cathedral in Tallinn. The wedding party location had to be a maximum of one hour drive away. We knew Ruhe before and even if we went to see 5-6 other locations, we stayed with Ruhe. It is difficult to find a place where most of the important components are available – beautiful nature, lovely place, delicious food and proper accommodation. And as it turned out, the cherry on top was a pretty breakfast next morning on the beach with our close friends. Perfect combination!

Our certain wish was to organize the wedding so that everyone would feel good, the guests and of course that we, ourselves could enjoy the day as much as possible and wouldn’t have to worry about anything. We believe that it all happened. And how couldn’t it have happened, when we had tens of people helping us and working for the same purpose.

If anyone asked, on what were you willing to spend the most money and where did you want to save, then probably the answer would be that we didn’t know in the beginning what the costs will be like. Hence it means we were not ready to save money but we didn’t want to spend unreasonably much. But when you don’t like the rings you have ordered then there is no other option than to bring the suitable ones even from the other end of the world. No price is too big if the result is worth it. 

For example we considered for a long time whether we should hire the videographer or not and we have to say that even if we are rather not video people, it was one of the best decisions and the best recommendations from the wedding planners. Hire a videographer because it is so worth it!

To everyone who is thinking about wedding, we have three recommendations: 

Start planning as early as you can. It will be much easier and less stressful. There certainly will be things to do on the last minute, but then there will be less of those things.

Use all the help you can get when planning your wedding, but remember that nothing is obvious. And it is better when you already know your helpers before, so that you know what to expect. Then there are less surprises.

Plan your wedding day so that you could enjoy it. For the bride and groom everything is allowed. And remember that love goes through the stomach and eating almost always releases satisfaction. Why not plan yourself a lunch with a photoshoot at a nice restaurant with delicious food and a glass of champagne. You deserve it!

Wedding planner and decorator
Egert Kamenik, Pulmakorraldaja.ee
Taavi Puuorg
Kadri Ploompuu, Trio Comodo, Dance-O-Phones, Henri Zibo ja Mikk Langeproon
Sinisilm Films
Location & catering
Restoran Ruhe
Wedding cake
Florist & decorations
Ahti Lyra ja pulmakorraldaja.ee
Bride's dress
Tiina Talumees
Groom's suit
Pirge Markus
Arho Tuhkru
Transportation for guests
Transportations for the bride and groom
Photobooth Estonia
Paper art
Kaia Saarna Jewelry Art
Kristiina, Ilusalong Savannah

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