Wedding in Sardinia  – just the bride and the groom on the beach


Blue lagoon on the horizon, golden sand under the feet, gentle breeze in the hair… The wedding day of Evelina and Ilmar was like a romantic movie that took place in Sardinia, starring the bride and groom.

A year after getting engaged, Evelina and Ilmar felt that neither of them had time to organize the wedding without it starting to interfere with their everyday responsibilities. Therefore they turned to Celebrate Group to help as wedding planners. We discussed how to make the dream of marrying in foreign country. Our conversations were filled with good humor and we wrote down keywords: wedding for just the bride and groom and beach

“We both dreamed of a beach wedding and as the weather in Estonia is so unpredictable, we wanted to head somewhere south. The decision of marrying in a foreign country came very easily,” said Ilmar. Together we searched for different destinations and we found Sardinia. The thought of the place fascinated us all – the island was supposed to differ from the rest of Italy with its isolation, where people are sincere and friendly… They say that once you have stepped on this island, a piece of you stays there forever. It is true!

Including photo-and videographers from Estonia seemed necessary and logical – the high quality of the local services is known. Also it was important when making a decision to meet the photo- and videographers in person before the wedding to get to know each other.  It was important for the couple that the photo and video reminders of their wedding would be special, so it was okay for them to invest in it. 

However, not all service providers were flown from Estonia – the task of the wedding planner was to find them on the spot. A reliable make-up artist and hairdresser were very important to the bride. By chance we reached Olbia’s best hairdresser and make-up artist! Instagram or Facebook pages, where you can get familiar with the works of artists, are not always the most important… We found an Estonian living in Olbia who brought us together with very good local beauty masters!

“It is wonderful when all that is unknown and the uncertainties of wedding planning comes together as a whole. When all the pieces of the puzzle fit in the right place… And that’s what happens, when the feeling is right,” sighed the couple. 

Those who think that a private wedding is somehow more economical than a larger wedding or that it does not involve a lot of organizational nuances are wrong. Sometimes a more intimate wedding has more things to deal with – if you only have one table to cover, every detail has to be more than perfect. There is also no difference for musicians or photo- and videographers, as their working hours and volumes remain the same.

Preparations and the morning of the wedding day 

We flew to Sardinia with the bride and groom, two wedding planners, photo- and videographers two days before the wedding and unfortunately we were not greeted by the sunshine. The day before the wedding while driving in the mountains we were caught by the rain and storm. Of course we didn’t let ourselves be bothered by it – the photographer got some amazing photos and the most mystical video that I have seen was created. Luckily in the afternoon the weather started to clear. We had a picnic on the beach and then went to the hotel to rest before the next day. 

In the morning of the wedding day, the bride and the groom heard clattering and sawing from the beach nearby. The wedding planners and the hotel staff were awake from the early hours of the day – the preparations were on. The sun was warmly shining and we felt that everything surrounding us was full of special energy and magic. 

The creators took their positions – photo- and videographers started catching good shots, make-up artist and hairdresser got the bride ready. The wedding planners were busy at the ceremony location.

“At first we thought that two wedding planners are too much for our mini-wedding,” said Evelina. “Now I’m sure that the third one would have fit in as well. If you assume that there is one wedding planner always by your side, holding your hand, then definitely involve three persons, even though the wedding day is just for the two of you. You can’t imagine how many details, confusions and surprises come with a wedding,” reflects the bride. 

The wedding ceremony

The bride and groom met on a terrace of the hotel CalaCuncheddi. The groom was waiting for the bride holding a bridal bouquet, which he gave to Evelyn according to tradition. Then they continued with the photo and video shoots.

Soon the Sardinian musicians started playing “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding at the beach. The groom was already waiting at the altar, when Evelina walked towards him by the shore. When they finally got together, they didn’t need to pay attention to anything or anyone else… Intimate ceremony was followed by congratulations. Suddenly they were surrounded by people, the champagne was poured to the glasses and “the wedding cake” – Italian pizza with the figures of the bride and groom – was delivered. Evelina and Ilmar cut the first piece of the pizza-cake, danced their first dance, sent Evelinas last name into the waves of the Mediterranean sea and the bride threw her bouquet…

The couple said that besides the wedding day, fun memories were also created during activities with the wedding planners –  together we visited a winery and drove around the island. “I really enjoyed the time we spent together, the conversations we had and the pleasant synergy that formed. They were our guests, like old friends that did everything for us to feel good.”



More and more couples want to say their “Yes” to each other privately. 

Private wedding can be suitable for you, if: 

…your family and friends are all around the world and it is mission impossible to get all of them together at the same time to the same place. 

…you have a very fast-paced life and you want to look at each other in peace and quiet on this day when you swear love to each other.

…you have always dreamed of it. You don’t have to do anything just because that’s the way it has always been done. 

Organizing and decorating
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Master of Ceremony
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Location and catering
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