Tiit and Kaia’s spring wedding


Our first wedding this spring was exactly what a true spring wedding should be like: fresh, bright, fun and sunny. Spring is an excellent time to get married! The charmingly simple nordic minimalism fit in with our bride and groom and their chosen party place, Ruhe Beach House.

We started organizing our wonderful wedding about 4 months ago, when we reached a certain point in our life and decided to get married. We didn’t have a specific date or place in mind – we just had a feeling that it is the right moment. As we have been together for 10 years, it was quite easy to decide what kind of party we want. When we had been dealing with organizing for a few weeks, we realized that we should probably use the help of a professional wedding planner. We looked around some blogs and found the team of pulmakorraldaja.ee. We were afraid if it was possible to organize a wedding in 3-4 months, but this fear turned out to be unnecessary.

We set the date into May. In our minds we had  imagined the day as a simple, stylish and nordic white. We did not have a specific wedding colour and we left the colour of the flowers free for the guests as well. Delicious food and fantastic music and people were important to us. As the location we chose Ruhe Beachhouse. The place itself was wonderful: by the sea, compact and romantic. All of our 60 guests fit nicely and there was enough space left for us to dance as well.In addition Ruhe had most of the needed furniture and extras, so that it was not necessary to rent them. Hence we could save money from it. We got a lot of good words for the beautiful location and sea view. The food was very delicious. The taste of the fish we had for the first course is still in mind and on tongue. The wedding cake was superb as well! We certainly recommend Kirsti tordid!

The choice of the band was easy because we had seen them perform before. We liked the Anna Curly Band from the first moment we saw them and we knew that they’ll be a perfect fit into our wedding. Fortunately they were free on that day. Most of our guests like to dance. Anna Curly plays dance music in the style of the 30’s and 50’s. They were also willing to learn a song that we requested. The feedback about the band from the guests was very positive. Everybody liked them! We ourselves think that we were too modest with our wishes for that day. The cliched pampering does not suit us. We chose the MC and the photographer also with the helt of the wedding planner. As the wedding took place rather in the beginning of the (wedding)season, the chosen people were still available as well. Hereby we would like to thank the wedding planners who asked the right questions and could recommend, after only a few face-to-face meetings, suitable people for us, who we were very pleased with.

Our MC was Juhan Krull – wonderful, active and super positive person. For us the place where to save money was videographer. From the beginning we were convinced that we would only hire a photographer. We are more of a photo than video persons. For all the details that we couldn’t think of, the wedding planners gave us simple solutions and options, where we just had to choose which we would like. A very cool solution was to put the table plan on the glass wall of the location. The guests also pointed it out with good words. We also stayed with simplicity with the floristics. The birch branches that we brought from the forest ourselves were the flower pedestals for our ceremony.

The wedding day began calmly for us. We didn’t have to worry about anything. And we couldn’t have worried because we hadn’t had any problems until then. We could enjoy the day to the fullest. The rain, hail and snow that was coming down on the days before were replaced by the Sun on our wedding day. The weather was also on our side. Everything was perfect. The satisfaction we saw from the faces of the guest was the cherry on top of all. Everything went as we planned and wished. Emotions were high the whole night.

For the future brides and grooms I would say that there is no need to do everything by yourselves. You should not be afraid to turn to the wedding planners. We don’t regret our decision. Our nerve cells remained and were able to enjoy the party with us.

Have a nice wedding everyone! That is just the beginning of your journey together.

Tiit & Kaia

Mari Pukk
Organizing & visuals
The MC
Juhan Krull
Master of ceremony
Hannes Sassi (pruutpaari sõber)
Location & catering
Anna Curly bänd
Ahti Lyra
Wedding cake
Kirsti tordid
Cards & signs
Mari Hüvato käsitöö ja disain
Merle Paldrok
Bride's dress
Marimo Fashion
Groom's suit

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