Kristel and Ott’s summer dream in Anija


We are not able to summarize how talented and hard-working Kristel and Ott are. Organizing their wedding as much as the wedding day itself, were totally extraordinary for us – all the details, big and small, were thought through with personal touch and story. Everything that was possible to make by yourself for the wedding (as an addition a few things that we thought that were impossible to make) Kristel and Ott made themselves. The result was so true, so similar to them, uniquely beautiful and for sure unforgettable.

First of all, we want to say that in retrospect, Our Day was perfect exactly as it was and there is nothing we want to change. This said, we started to think more about our wedding day, that we had planned for July, in December. It seems like a very long time, right? In reality, the closer the date got, the more it felt that there was so much to do and so little time to do it. But we are quite sure that it would have been the same if we had started organizing in April of the year before in April. People tend to be more productive when they are under pressure.

Although initially our idea was to organize the wedding from start to finish by ourselves, we soon came to the conclusion that considering the best result, it wouldn’t have been the wisest decision. We can say with complete conviction that involving professionals in organizing one of the most important days of our life is sensible in terms of one’s time, nerve cells and wallet. Even if you have been organizing various events in the past, a wedding is something completely different with its small details and nuances, which are extremely difficult to predict if you simply aren’t organizing your tenth wedding. It is also crucial that on the wedding day, the wedding organizer is the person who is contacted in case of any unforeseen situation and who will find a solution to every problem. No matter how well you think you have planned everything, there will inevitably be some situations that need solving during the day, it is important that the bride and groom could enjoy the day and not think about those situations. Anyway, the help of Merily, Liisa and Taago with organizing our wedding day is impossible to overemphasize and we are undeniably grateful.

Our biggest wish was that the wedding day would be genuine, original and similar to us. The charm lies in simplicity. That was also the input we gave to the wedding planners. We surely didn’t make it easy for them with all our different wishes, because in our heads we had a good vision but to explain that vision to others and bringing it to life was a challenge. However, with joint efforts, all the mountains can be crossed.

As we live in the countryside we wanted to connect the location of the wedding with places that are important to us. And that was challenging as well because for example we needed several special permits to have our wedding ceremony in the North-Kõrvemaa landscape protection area and the other important locations of the day were tens of kilometers apart which meant that a smallest problem could have messed up the whole schedule. That’s why planning is super important – so that everyone could enjoy the day to the fullest. As mentioned before our ceremony took place in North-Kõrvemaa by the picturesque Ümerikjärv, where the guests had to walk a few kilometers to reach. The congratulations took place at our home, where we went all together with the guests and the wedding party took place in the beautiful Anija manor, which is said to be the most beautiful decayed manor in Estonia. Anyway, all the places spiced up the day and we were the luckiest couple to have the perfect weather – it was even better than winning a jackpot. For us the decorations were also important, they were the main elements that connected all the different places into one whole and made the day look like us. As for the party, it was important that the guests could feel good and that no one would be placed in awkward situations. That it would be interesting but not too overwhelming with many activities. That it would be fun but not vulgar. In this case, it was clear from the beginning that the role of the MC is crucial, and this role was brilliantly handled by Janek Pallas, who was also our master of the ceremony. Excellent food was also important, that was taken care of by Carmen Catering, high-quality music was offered by Sten-Olle Moldau at the ceremony and by Marit Jalakas Band at the party.

For us the day was exactly as we had imagined in our most beautiful dreams – simple, beautiful, joyful, sincere, romantic and what’s the most important – it looked like us. The wedding planner didn’t decide for us, but was a great help with giving us the right contacts, drawing attention to important details and keeping us on the right path. Big thanks to Merily, Liisa, Taago and all the other people who made our day perfect!

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