Johanna and Henri’s wedding


“The feeling of going to your own wedding party and being surprised at how beautiful and wonderful everything is, is awesome.” – said the bride and groom. 

It was indeed a fairytale wedding!

Why and how did you decide to get married?

We always knew that one day we would get married. When the 10-year anniversary of being together was approaching, we felt that now was the right moment.

How long was your wedding planning process?

Our wedding planning process was about exactly 1 year. We started planning the moment when we knew for sure that now we were going to do the wedding.

What was your wedding vision/theme? How did you implement the idea?

We both had certain images or ideas, and around them we slowly started to create our wonderful wedding day with the help of the wedding planners. Pinterest and talking about different ideas and moments of recognition helped a lot, until finally we were on the right path.

Did you also have to make significant concessions in your plans?

Although we had certain dreams, we were very calm throughout the planning process and let many things happen on their own. In retrospect, we dare to say that this was the only way to fully enjoy the planning process.

What was your wish for gifts and flowers from your guests? Why did you solve the question that way?

We asked our dear guests to support our honeymoon fund. We also asked not to bring flowers and gifts to the wedding day. It was the right solution, because then we didn’t have to stress about what would happen to the flowers or gifts later.

Talk about choosing your wedding venue. What was the main criteria when making the choice?

Our wedding took place in the summer and we knew we wanted to be in an open and bright place. We quickly realized that with the number of our guests, which was 130, there are not many options in Estonia. We came to the solution of the tent quite quickly, but then it became exciting to set up the tent. We considered the idea of putting up a party tent in the summer home, but we realized that with the number of our guests, the presence of infrastructure is also important. That’s how we got to the list of castles and manors in Estonia quite quickly. Alatskivi Castle has actually accompanied us for years and is our most favorite.

The idea of holding the wedding in front of Alatskivi Castle, which initially felt like science fiction, finally came true. EVERYTHING is possible with Celebrate Group! 

What would you do differently when planning your wedding today?

Seriously… we wouldn’t change a thing! Everything from planning our wedding to the ceremony was so wonderful and enjoyable. We were taken excellent care of!

Most touching moment at the wedding?

The whole day from the beginning to the end was so emotional that the bride cried from happiness and joy until the evening. I will definitely always remember the first moment when we finally got together in front of Peebu and our eyes met to confirm reality, because the biggest dream started to come true.

What moments did you and your guests remember the most?

We did a small cross-poll and it turned out that the castle and the bride and groom in love were the most memorable.

What were you willing to spend the most on at the wedding and what were you willing to save on if necessary?

For us, the most important thing was to have great food and drinks at the wedding. We felt that this is a category where we are not willing to compromise on quality. Also, before we started planning, we knew what band and wedding father we wanted. In terms of everything else, we let life happen, and everything happened PERFECTLY!

What surprises hit you on your wedding day? Did everything go exactly as planned?

One day before the wedding day, we went to Alatskivi and stayed there for the night. We had the cutest dinner in the world with the whole team of wedding planners, and after that we all went to our positions. The later it got, the more we realized that the evening was going to be chilly, even though it was July 22nd! We informed Merily and Taago of our fear, and we also had heating lamps in our tent for the wedding party. There was fear, there was concern, and the next moment it was already solved! In everything else, our wedding day was perfect.

What do you recommend future brides and grooms to keep in mind when planning their wedding?

The first and most difficult decision for us was: wedding invitations and accompanying stylistics. It seemed like such a big and important step, because it already gives you an idea of what the wedding theme is and how this most important day in the world will look like. After the first and only tears during the wedding arrangement, we realized that there was no point in overthinking it. Weddings are really for yourself, and you need to remind yourself of this from time to time during the planning process, because the wedding day looks exactly like how happy the bride and groom are. Enjoy, be happy and don’t worry, everything will be fine anyway!

Why hire a wedding planner?

Celebrate Group is a team of professionals in their field. From the first moment, we felt that we were listened to, understood and that they were trying to do their best for us. So it was in reality! The feeling of going to your wedding reception and being surprised at how beautiful and wonderful everything is, is awesome. On the wedding day, the organizing team is irreplaceable, because without them, we certainly wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the entire wedding process so happily. Peace of mind, a sign of quality and great friends for life – these are definitely the important denominators of our wedding planners.

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