TOPAUTO is 25!

20. June 2019

On a warm summer evening we transformed the salon of TopAuto into an elegant and stylish party location. 

On a red carpet, the dearest partners and clients were openly welcomed. The evening was kicked off by air acrobat Kadri Hansen, whose show caught the eye of all the guests. The guests were greeted with a rich selection of meat by the grill masters of BBQ Entertainment, who offered taste experiences directly from the grill accompanied by Siim Koppel’s drumming. The evening also had some magic in it with magician Meelis Kubo responsible for the amusement of the guests. Luckily all the cars remained in their places, although some of the guests had their hearts taken. The guests were fascinated by the legendary band Mahavok with wonderful Anet Vaikmaa in front of the band! 

Thank You, TopAuto, for involving us! Congratulations to You and see You next time!

Raul Mee
Valdo Jahilo
Technical solutions
BBQ Enterteiment and drums Siim Koppel
Ahti Lyra
Air acrobate
Kadri Hansen
Meelis Kubo

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