Wedding in Hiiumaa – the wildness and beauty of field flowers


“When three days before our wedding in Hiiumaa, where our ceremony had to take place on the beach to which we had to arrive with a boat, the most popular meteorologist in Estonia writes that on this exact day in the middle of summer, we will be a part of a truly powerful autumn storm, the brides first thought would have been: “The wedding is cancelled…”. But if you have the sweetest wedding planners ever, whose main goal is to let the bride and groom fully enjoy their day, then this kind of weather forecast only spices things up. And so it was – our day was perfect! Together with chilly wind that could wipe you off your feet.

Merily, Taago and Brenda had every detail thought through, everything was constantly adjusted to the current weather conditions. And we could only enjoy the day! We want everyone’s wedding day to be just as carefree, regardless of the obstacles that can get in the way.

We especially want to highlight how well the whole team connected with us and knew our wishes. We thought that we were quite difficult customers, because we knew a little bit of what we wanted but at the same time we didn’t know at all. There are so many details to think about! The wedding planners were able to find such wonderful solutions that suited us and our wishes. The day was so beautiful and similar to us!

We are very grateful!”

Laura & Antti


On the 11th of July, Hiiumaa showed us it’s eight faces – on that day it gave us wind and storm, rain and hail, cold and warmth, clouds and a wonderful sunset.

On that historic day, the lovely Laura and Antti got married!

The organizing of Laura and Antti’s wedding lasted a bit longer than a year. They felt that a shared surname and vow to be side by side in both good and bad adds a special meaning to living together. All of that Laura and Antti wanted to celebrate with their family and friends. “We wanted to organize a party that we could truly enjoy all together. At the same time, that day really had to be like us, because if we can enjoy it ourselves, then it should be easy to enjoy it for our friends as well,” the couple recalls the thoughts they had before the wedding.

The bride and groom have deep connections to Hiiumaa and the knowledge that it’s exactly the place where the wedding should take place came  instantly. “Soonlepa Karjamõis fascinated us instantly, we felt that there was something mysterious about the place that did not allow us to look at other places. Another special feature was that no wedding had been held in this beautiful place before!”

Laura is a wild child of nature and the rusticity and the beauty of the field flowers spoke to the bride immediately. The guests were also asked to bring field flowers and surprisingly for the bride and groom, all the guests had picked up large and colorful bouquets of flowers from the fields of Hiiumaa, which in turn received a worthy place in the party hall.

The most emotional moment for the bride and groom was when they walked down the aisle hand in hand and full of happiness. “We had waited for this moment for a long time. Also the vows that we gave each other during the ceremony moved us and our guests. All in all, we will remember the endless dancing and the overwhelming feeling of happiness that lasted all day!”

Recommendations to future brides and grooms:

  • Do everything you can in advance, so that on your wedding day no one would have to ask you where something is, what time someone arrives or what agreements you have made. The help in the background is indescribably important.
  • Think through what is the most important for you and what do you want to spend less of your attention on! “We agreed to contribute to big things – food and a band. We saved on our own and guests’ accommodation. Fortunately, all the guests were very understanding!”
  • Hire a wedding planner! “The closer the wedding day gets, the more questions will rise. To be able to enjoy everything carelessly, it’s the best thing to get a wedding planner to help you. Merily and her team have an incredible ability to calm people in the questions where I probably would have given up. For example, on our wedding day, a big part of Estonia didn’t have any electricity because of the storm. Of course, I imagined how there would be a black out during our wedding and we would sit there in the quiet darkness. Fortunately, Merily had an answer: “We have a generator! Don’t worry!”. And I didn’t think about it anymore!”

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