Laura Strandberg

Christmas wedding in Laitse Granitvilla

Christmas-themed destination wedding in Estonia - with our colorful history, unique traditions and unforgettable experiences 30.12.2019 On their wedding day, Carolyn and Simon stepped into a winter wonderland, which was filled with a pleasant Christmas atmosphere and Estonian traditions. Candles, lanterns and light chains added romance, making the whole atmosphere cozy and intimate. The unique… Read More

Wedding on a private island – Viirelaid

Wedding on a private island - Viirelaid 13.07.2020 Allan and Maarja's wedding took place in a location where the sun shines 365 days a year - on a private island in Väinameri called Viirelaid. “When we first went to Viirelaid, we fell in love with this place  right away. We couldn’t imagine anything more magical… Read More
Evelina ja Ilmar pulmad sardiinias

Private wedding in Sardinia 

Wedding in Sardinia  – just the bride and the groom on the beach 21.05.2019 Blue lagoon on the horizon, golden sand under the feet, gentle breeze in the hair… The wedding day of Evelina and Ilmar was like a romantic movie that took place in Sardinia, starring the bride and groom. A year after getting… Read More
Pulm Hiiumaa metsas

Fairy wedding in Hiiumaa forest and by the sea

Johanna ja Taago - romance of the sea and forest 11.08.2018 In Johanna and Taago’s wedding two worlds met. The bride came from the forests and the groom by the sea and that’s how the forest and the sea were intertwined together forever. That theme followed the whole magical day.  What made this beautiful wedding… Read More

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