Merli’s glamorous 35

Merli’s glamorous 35 06.08.2021 Merli's birthday took place in Estonia's Riviera - Veer Kitchen and Barís at Koljunuki harbor. Her input to us was very clear: "I wish to be in the moment and enjoy being together with my people!" And that's what this warm summer evening in August was - people in beautiful airy… Read More

Nightclub and gourmet restaurant in the forest – Merily 35

Nightclub and gourmet restaurant in the forest - Merily 35 22.02.2021 At a time when everything is turned upside down, it is the most important time to value the time that you spend with the people dear to you. Covid-19 tried to take this opportunity away and made it difficult to spend time together with… Read More

Jubilee celebration – Sandra 30

Sandra 30 - fresh springtime jubilee May 2021 Sandra did not want anything other than that when she comes back from hair and makeup, everything will be ready to celebrate a cozy and beautiful birthday. And so the Celebrate Group bus, together with its partners drove to the house and brought everything that was needed:… Read More

Tom’s jubilee – boho & gladioli

Tom’s jubilee - boho & gladioli August 2020 Sometimes the only thing you need to do is to call us 10 days before the event and tell that one cool culture centre needs to be turned into a cozy location for a party. That is just what Tom did, who has his 50th jubilee arriving,… Read More

Fierce Halloween themed birthday party

Alyaween - fierce Halloween themed birthday party October 2018 The birthday girl contacted us with a very bold and special wish - this year she wanted to celebrate her traditional Halloween themed birthday party extra fiercely and memorably. As a keyword we got “zombie-kindergarten party, the scarier and grosser the better”. We accepted the challenge!… Read More

Pearl wedding – 30 years of marriage

Janis and Anneli’s pearl wedding 23.02.2020 Janis and Anneli are an inspiring and admirable couple, who prove that there is love that lasts forever. They celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary filled with laughter, fun and glamour, together with their good friends and family. The guest list was almost the same as 30 years ago, so… Read More
Linnuküla restoranis peetud juubel

Surprise birthday party – 40th jubilee

Surprise birthday party - 40th jubilee! June 2019 The closer the birthday gets, the more many people feel that they don’t have time to deal with planning and organizing the party.  That was probably the case with our jubilarian who had decided to celebrate her birthday in a small circle of family and friends.  However,… Read More
Marko Hade

Colourful 30

Colourful 30 January 2019 On that night the building of Theatre NO99 was full of laughter, good music and pleasant conversations. 4 Sisters Kitchen Catering filled the table with all the delicious things. The birthday was led by MC Juhan Krull, showbarman Marko bursted fire and magician Meelis Kubo was responsible for entertaining the guests… Read More
Täpiline tort paljude küünaldega

A vibrantly stylish party

A vibrant 60th jubilee May 2018 When the jubilarian is born in the 50’s, it is not hard to find the theme for the party. A superb party themed with one of our favourite eras was fun, stylish and memorable - full of dancing, singing, games and memories for the older and younger generations.  “Thank… Read More

Historical jubilee

Jubilee time travelling to the 30’s January 2017 The shoemaker has to have the awesomest shoes! We celebrated our team member Liisa’s 30th jubilee with a spectacular, stylish and glamorous party. The party started with a tragic Agatha Christie themed photo hunt all around the charming Anija manor. The DJ was responsible for entertaining the… Read More
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