Fairytale wedding in the greenery of manor park

Merilin and Mark’s fairytale wedding in the greenery of Kõltsu manor park 20.07.2019 We always jokingly tell everyone that the decision to marry came because of Brexit. But actually it is very difficult to explain. It was just the right feeling - that’s the person I really want to spend my whole life with! We… Read More
Margus Muts

Classic wedding with a twist

Kaidi ja Rene’s twisted classic 27.07.2018 The highlight of this truly hot summer was Kaidi and Rene's wedding. Kaidi and Rene are very warm people full of love and kindness, and their special day reflected it all! For us it was a wedding full of many interesting challenges and unique solutions and we enjoyed every… Read More
Rahvuslik pulm

Estonian wedding at Ojako

Estonian wedding at Ojako 12. July 2018 For Maria and Garret Estonian music, history and culture are very close to heart and they wished that their wedding day would reflect it as well. We drew inspiration from old Estonian wedding traditions and carried out some special and significant rituals. Genuinely Estonian mid summer wedding party,… Read More
Värvikirev pulm

Gairi and Pärni’s unbelievable lilac wedding

Gairi and Pärni’s unbelievable lilac wedding in July 05.07.2018 Gairi and Pärn are people who are full of positivity and vitality. And that’s what their wedding day was like as well – full of laughter, energy and surprises. It all began when the bride said “Yes” to the groom and the 10 months long wedding… Read More
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