Elegant boho wedding at Vääna Manor

Anna-Helena & Sander’s elegant boho wedding at Vääna Manor 25.07.2021 The bride's mother said on the wedding day: “Don’t just look at each other, look in the same direction too - there is a future!” That quote opened a new chapter in Anna-Helena and Sander’s life - marriage.  “We got engaged in Sander’s country house… Read More

Wedding on a private island – Viirelaid

Wedding on a private island - Viirelaid 13.07.2020 Allan and Maarja's wedding took place in a location where the sun shines 365 days a year - on a private island in Väinameri called Viirelaid. “When we first went to Viirelaid, we fell in love with this place  right away. We couldn’t imagine anything more magical… Read More

Wedding at Ruhe Beachhouse

Aquamarine wedding at Ruhe 04.07.2020 We had been together for three years when we had the idea to make our relationship official. As we both had our jubilees coming on that year, we first told our relatives and friends to book that date because we will celebrate our birthdays together. The fact that it was… Read More

Wedding in Hiiumaa

Wedding in Hiiumaa - the wildness and beauty of field flowers 11.07.2020 “When three days before our wedding in Hiiumaa, where our ceremony had to take place on the beach to which we had to arrive with a boat, the most popular meteorologist in Estonia writes that on this exact day in the middle of… Read More

Fairytale wedding in the greenery of manor park

Merilin and Mark’s fairytale wedding in the greenery of Kõltsu manor park 20.07.2019 We always jokingly tell everyone that the decision to marry came because of Brexit. But actually it is very difficult to explain. It was just the right feeling - that’s the person I really want to spend my whole life with! We… Read More
Talvepulm Mooste Viinabarikus

Luxurious winter wedding in Mooste Distillery

Christmas spirited winter wedding in Mooste 22.12.2019 December is a time of miracles and peace. And what could be more magical than celebrating your love and saying yes to each other on this month. That’s the understanding our lovely bride and groom reached as well. Maire and Indrek have been living abroad for years. Their… Read More
Elegantne Pulmalaud kaetud Ruhes

Late autumn wedding at Ruhe

Late autumn wedding at Ruhe 23.11.2019 Viljar & Kaisas wedding day the sea was smooth, the sunbeams caressed the frosty stones with its warmth and the birds were singing. Nothing gave away that it was the end of November - the crisp late autumn. When The Põvvats family stepped out of the car, the sister… Read More
Kuke talus toimus rahvusvaheline pulm

International wedding at Kuke holiday center

International wedding at Kuke holiday center 15.08.2019 In the summer of 2019 we had a really beautiful and extraordinarily fun international wedding. “It was all so magical - good friends and family, the beauty that surrounded us, love and knowing that there is no rush,” reminisced the groom about the feelings that he had on… Read More
Pruutpaar väljumas kirikust

A classical white wedding in Barto’s Guest House

A classical white wedding in the middle of rose blossoms 10.08.2019 Karmela and Valdis are once again proof that you can get married even if you have been together for years. “We met with Valdis already in the autumn of 2008 and we both realized at once that we can’t be without each other,” says… Read More

Gentle romance in Haapsalu Kuursaal

Gentle romance in Haapsalu Kuursaal 09.08.2019 We had been together for 15 years with the ups and downs in the waves of the sea of life, had two children and got engaged (unexpectedly for the bride) on Valentine's Day. Our first emotion was that we won’t organize the wedding this year because it felt that… Read More
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