Ekspress Media’s Sensational Hip-Hop Party

04. juuli 2019

For which event are clients willing to cut short their vacations and leave everything else on stand-by? Of course for Ekspress Media’s sensational hip-hop business client event!

On a hot summer night we turned an old factory into a glamurous and authentic hip-hop club. In cooperation with Eventech we lit up the room to support it’s theme and visual conception.

The MC was the miraculous Tuuli Rand, who at heart is a rapper herself. The guests could take part in various activities. Among others we had a 2 by 3 metres wide easel set up in the room, where together with artist Martin Roosna they could exercise their graffiti skills. Drinks were served up by Bar Catering and food delivered by food trucks Dafu and Snäx Box.
Dance battle was put together by Estonia’s finest street dancers. “Everything was so authentic that it really felt like we were in another timezone and culture realm” said the crowd.

Main performer was noone else but the famours Põhja-Tallinn gangsta band. Late night dance moves were insured by DJ Guud Muud.

Photos: Andres Raudjalg

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