Christmas-themed destination wedding in Estonia – with our colorful history, unique traditions and unforgettable experiences


On their wedding day, Carolyn and Simon stepped into a winter wonderland, which was filled with a pleasant Christmas atmosphere and Estonian traditions. Candles, lanterns and light chains added romance, making the whole atmosphere cozy and intimate. The unique style of the celebration venue added special and outstanding details to the wedding, which all harmonized into a wonderful milieu. The free and more direct setting of the ceremony and the fun party led by friends created good emotions for all the guests, which will definitely be remembered for a long time.

The bride and groom’s wish for a wedding style was something simple, romantic and Estonian, because for all the foreign guests just coming to Estonia was already something special. The wedding day started with taking beauty pictures in foggy Tallinn, which was followed some time later by the ceremony in the fireplace hall of Graniitvilla. The dinner menu was unique to Estonia and, of course, there was also delicious food for the children. The mood of the party and the pulse of the guests was kept up by the DJ, who played only specially selected songs that night. At night all the guests threw amber powder into the fire and wished Simon and Carolyn beautiful thoughts and wishes for a long marriage.

The bride loves Christmas and wanted to get married somewhere with a big Christmas tree. The bride and groom were inspired to hold a wedding in Estonia while traveling around Europe, and they liked Graniitvilla for its atmosphere and style. In terms of style, they were looking for a medieval style and for things to have a sense of history, something they can’t find in Australia. It was important for them that the guests felt free at the wedding, that the setting was fun, that everything took place in the same location, and that the party did not end around midnight. The guests flew in from the UK, Malaysia and Australia, and among other things, the open bar, the special atmosphere and the duration of the party until the early hours of the morning were memorable things for them. “Our wedding is already being remembered as one of the best!” Carolyn didn’t have a bridal bouquet and they didn’t want any flowers for their wedding because they were going on their honeymoon right after the wedding. We solved it with wreaths of spruce branches, to which some white and red plants were added as an accent. The bride and groom also praised the photographer, with whom they felt very comfortable from the first moment and the pictures came out wonderfully. Their common advice to other brides when planning their wedding is to first sit down and decide what are the most important things to focus on and spend more on.

One of the most beautiful moments for Simon and Carolyn is this: “For me and Simon, saying our vows in front of the open fireplace and huge Christmas tree, and then looking up and seeing our friends and families standing around the balcony on the next level was such an amazing sight. To be completed surrounded by those that you love is something we won’t forget.”

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