Wedding on a private island – Viirelaid


Allan and Maarja’s wedding took place in a location where the sun shines 365 days a year – on a private island in Väinameri called Viirelaid.

“When we first went to Viirelaid, we fell in love with this place  right away. We couldn’t imagine anything more magical and beautiful. We wanted to share the same feeling we got with our relatives and friends. The beauty of the island itself is incredible and does not need many additional decorations, and you can leave the party shoes on the mainland because there are no roads. Hot tubs, swimming pools, jacuzzis and saunas, also accommodation, all available on site. For our boho-themed wedding it was the perfect place.” describe the bride and groom, why they chose Viirelaid as the location for their wedding.

With their wedding, Allan and Maarja disproved all the usual fears and habits – while people usually try to plan their wedding to a weekend, their party took place on Monday. No guest missed the wedding, moreover, they were happy that the summer weekend could last longer.

Viirelaid is located in the middle of the sea and can only be reached with a small boat, and when the weather conditions are bad it might be quite difficult or even impossible to get there, but Allan and Maarja were not afraid of that and their positive attitude brought us Medditerranean warmth and calm sea for this day.



The groom had long decided that Maarja would become his wife. For the bride, however, it came as a surprise when the important question was asked during a holiday trip to Fuerteventura in 2017, under a lighthouse, feet in the ocean water. Of course, the answer was yes.

That day and feeling kept the bride and groom accompanied and this also became the theme of the rest of the wedding – water and lighthouses.


Ceremony for two in Hawaii

“When in the summer of 2018 we discovered that on 13.09.2019 it would be exactly five years from the day when we first met, and in addition it is a happy “thirteen and Friday”, then there was no question about the date of marriage anymore. However, since the feet in the water ceremony cannot be held in Estonia on that date, we decided to flee to Hawaii. The ceremony was held in secret at Kikaua Point beach in Hawaii with only the two of us. Before that we had already chosen a place that we liked for the wedding – Viirelaid. The lighthouse! Water! The atmosphere and nature of the island is exactly like Estonia’s Hawaii. Thus, a week before our ceremony, we sent “Save The Date” cards to our family and friends to come and celebrate our marriage on July 13, 2020 on Viirelaid.” recall the bride and groom.


Organizing the wedding

Three months before the wedding the bride and groom turned to us. We immediately had the mutual recognition that our cooperation will go well. Maarja and Allan are an extremely lovely couple, and their idea to celebrate their marriage with friends at Viirelaid, offering guests delicious food and a pleasant stay, gave us a lot of inspiration to act.

“In the beginning of 2020, we seriously looked at our plans and decided that we could not organize this bilingual (Russian-Estonian) wedding alone and we didn’t want to make any concessions anywhere. We started looking for additional help and we found Celebrate Group. We had the initial idea of the party, but with their help it became even more detailed and enjoyable. The text of the invitations came together and was translated into two languages with incredible ease. The stamps and ornaments were also added and the vision that was in our heads came to life before our eyes. The wedding arch, candles, lanterns, light chains, signs, wedding games, photo corner and table settings – they were all in harmony with each other and miraculously detailed. What more do the bride and groom need than peace of mind and the confidence that someone is supporting and helping them with advice and strength in every matter.”

“The day before the wedding was cloudy and cold like the usual Estonian summer.  The wedding planners were stocked with umbrellas and blankets, and two seating plans were drawn up – a table inside or outside. They were ready for everything! Wonderfully, by the morning of our wedding day, the Estonian weather showed itself at its best – there was sun and nice hot weather until the evening.”


The wedding party – family style dinner

The wedding of Allan and Maarja was also different because they didn’t want to have the ceremony again, which is usually done as well. The guests arrived on the island where they were greeted with cocktails and delicious snacks which allowed them to adjust to the island and relax from the voyage. Soon they were expected at the dinner table…

“The dinner was planned a little differently from the usual wedding table. As a good belief, the guest should not sit at an empty table, so the first course was served family style – platters, bowls and decanters richly covered the table, there were also decorative pots of herbs, from which guests could pick their favorite and add it to food. The main course and dessert were a la carte. For the later celebrations and for enjoying between dancing, the table was again covered with the best snacks. Rado Mitro from Restaurant RADO helped us by offering a wonderful taste experience.

The wedding party was in full swing and the guests could enjoy the Mediterranean-like warmth and vibe. The most moving moment, that did not leave any pair of eyes dry, was the father-daughter dance, which was performed with Dagö’s song “Wedding”.

“Since everything has to be taken to the island by boat and later it will be brought from there in the same way, we asked the guests to put the gifts and flowers in an envelope. Instead of a guestbook, we wanted polaroid camera footage from the guests and dedications behind them.

In the end, everything went as we had dreamed. Thanks to the wedding organizers, we were able to enjoy the party with the guests and all our worries were left far behind. The guests thought as one that the wedding was complete and true to “us” in its purest sense. Our wedding organizers understood our nature and were able to express it in everything they did. We are forever grateful to them for that.”


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Organizing & visuals
Celebrate Group
Place cards
RHK Loomeruum
Graphic design
Sipelga Letterpress
DJ Aivar Havi
The MC
Peeter Taim
Markus Gregori Kullamaa
Laura Strandberg, Taago Heinmaa, Jane Sipelga
Groom's suit
Kaubamaja & Amanjeda by Katrin Kuldma
Bride's dress & accessories
Pärl Pulmasalong - Ida Torez

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