Permanent makeup international conference afterparty

Sviatoslav Otchenash’s Tallinn Master Class


Each new year brings an opportunity to bring permanent makeup professionals from around the world together for a 3-day series of events.

Already, for the fourth time, we organized Sviatoslav Otchenash’s Tallinn Master Class, which brought together people from 39 different nationalities.

Sviatoslav Otchenash is an internationally known permanent makeup artist operating in Estonia. The aim of the annual event is to present the latest methods and techniques of Sviatoslav and his team in the permanent makeup field.

The concept of the 2023 event was about Estonia and our culture. We wanted to show Estonian traditions and customs to those coming from abroad. Activities and visuals related to the homeland were primarily created for the evening gala of the second day and the afterparty of the third day.

The conference afterparty took place on August 19th at the seaside area of the Estonia’s Open Air Museum, named Kiigeplats. The participants of the International Permanent Makeup 2023 event were awaited at the gates of the museum by choir singers, evening host Koit Georg Peterson and our project managers. The visitors were welcomed with the Estonian choir singing, and then everyone went in a procession to the windmill, around which a large circle was made, and Koit Georg brought everyone’s energies to a higher level.

We set up a tent on the seaside area, which we connected to the roof there. Flowers and other plants from Estonia were used in the visuals and table decorations throughout the day. The participants had the opportunity to ride with a horse carriage, swing on the Kiiking swing, listen to music with silent disco headphones, make wristbands and draw on butter knives. In order for the evening to go particularly comfortably and freely, we also added hot tubs, which turned out to be very successful at the afterparty.

BBQ Entertainment catering prepared fish and meat on site, and the smoky smell created just the right Estonian atmosphere. One of our favorite crowd pleasers, Märt Agu, made everyone dance and shake their hips. In the later part of the evening, Trad Attack performed, which was the icing on the cake at the afterparty influenced by Estonian culture. It’s powerful to show what our Estonians can do, and it’s especially cool to see if it suits to foreigners as well. The conference afterparty at Open Air Museum ended with an enchanting fire show.

See also the international permanent makeup conference organized in 2023 and the gala evening on the second day!

Visuals & organizing
Celebrate Group
Photographer vol 1
Andres Raudjalg
Photographer vol 2
Viktor Holikov
Infocus Media OÜ (Alex Dg)
Different, Kõvernael, Funrent
Ahti Lyra
Technical solutions
Mihkel Eller /
Dance course
Märt Agu
The mixed choir of Port of Tallinn
Silent Disco
Fire show

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