Conferences, seminars and fairs

Together with our clients we want to inspire, create extraordinary moments and offer a world-class experience. Conferences, seminars or fairs, small or big, all events will be exclusive and recieve an impeccable planning.


In today’s competition-led world conference organization is a separate profession. It’s not just a job, but an art. An art of creating the perfect environment, greeting participants and hosting. Most of all the art of making an ordinary day special.

A successful event is the best promotion a company can wish for. Our experience, contacts and ideas help us to always achieve extraordinary results that make everyone’s eyes sparkle – whether you are the client or the participant.

Good performers, interesting panels and engaging discussions are crucial for a successful conference. That in mind we can not just limit ourselves to a simple lecture. To make sure that the participants have a memorable event extra emphasis should be put on engaging the audience and mixing theory with practice. It is important to remember, that for the participants a good event does not only consist of good lecturers and interesting programme. More often than not an exciting entertainment programme that will bring the whole event together, is more important.

It’s important to remember that participants usually don’t just come and sit down on one spot for the whole week. Everything must be well thought through – who will greet the guests, where they will be led and what will be small but mind stimulating breaks in between.

When clients usually have a strong vision about the main event, then pre- and after-parties are often forgotten and thus leave heaps of room for imagination. These are the moments that let you differ from everyone else and make your event a truly memorable one.

Celebrate Group can help you out with all of the above.


Everyone probably knows those long seminars, where something exciting and extraordinary is presented in a small stuffy meeting room.  Usually these great ideas tend to fade due to these uninviting conditions.

Time has turned on those boring seminars as there’s nothing to gain from them. A seminar can also be a motivational event, where fun has been intertwined with profitable. Many employers have unfortunately forgotten, that from time to time it’s important to motivate their employees. There’s no need to always organize a full weekend of fun events, sometimes just connecting a seminar with something fun can do the trick.

A well organized seminar insures that employees leave with loads of useful information and also the employer will see, that their ideas have been well recieved and will be used on a daily basis.


Fairs are taking their first baby steps here in Estonia. We have a couple of big and successful ones, but mostly our fairs have been defeated by the almighty internet. If we turn our heads to Europe a whole other sight is to be seen.

Good focus and finding interesting exponents and guests are key to a successful event. We will take your focus and organize a fair that is interesting for the exponents to participate in and for the guests to visit. In addition to having traditional boxes, we can spice things up with relevant workshops, lectures and entertaining events, which all ensure that each party will be satisfied with the fair.

We will bring your fair to another level and help to organize a smooth running and informative event.

Our clients

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