A beautiful and close-to-nature wedding in Ravila Karjakastell


“Thank you SO MUCH for all the arrangements. While I usually always want to keep an eye on everything to see how things are going, on this day I did not worry about that. Because of the knowledge that “our day” is in good hands and will go without major problems. And so it was! The only stress I had that day was giving my little speech to Pierre in front of our guests and then the celebration could begin! We also received a lot of feedback from the guests. There were those who had already been to quite a few weddings this summer, but said that ours was the most beautiful and that every detail was thought out.” – the bride and groom gave feedback.

Why and how did you decide to get married?

Before getting married, we had already known each other for 10 years and lived together for 6 years. In the early years of our relationship, we each lived in our own country for a while. At one point, we made a decision to move to a third place – London. From there, however, life took us to Paris, and somehow everything fell into place and the feeling came that from here on we could quietly row to the beach of marriage.

So one sunny Sunday, Pierre took me for a walk in a grove near Paris. It was supposed to be a normal Sunday walk in nature, but it culminated with his proposal and a spontaneous lunch, which also included a glass of champagne. Both of us were very “Sunday” – in tracksuits and unwashed hair, no make-up or anything like that. But the best moments in life are spontaneous!

How long was your wedding planning process?

When we had made our decision to officially put our breads in the same closet, the organization happened relatively quickly, and less than a year after the proposal, we already celebrated the beginning of our official life together with our friends and family.

What was your wedding vision/theme? How did you implement the idea?

Since we currently live in France, the definite plan was to hold the wedding party in Estonia and in the nature here, and we wanted the place and the party to be rustic. Initially, both sea and barn themed weddings were on the screen. While browsing and looking for party places, it became clear that it is easier to find something on the so-called mainland than on the coast. One of the criteria was the size of the party venue, as around 120 guests were expected. One definite wish was to hold part of the ceremony somewhere in the middle/under the big trees, which also came true. 🙂 The ideas were taken from Pinterest and by discussing with the Wedding Planner.

Did you also have to make significant concessions in your plans?

Since many of the guests arrived to the party by so-called plane, we decided not to disturb them too much and chose the party location quite close to the capital. Also, we also met older family members, for whom traveling further to the corner of Estonia might have been too tiring. Our main goal was that as many as possible of those invited could take part in this day.

What was your wish for gifts and flowers from your guests? Why did you solve the question that way?

As for the gift, we went the easy way and suggested that it could fit in a tiny box in the corner of the party or arrive entirely digitally. The idea was to support your honeymoon with “gifts”. There was actually a rather practical reason for this decision: since we had to fly back to France, it would have been quite difficult to take various gifts with us. 🙂

Talk about choosing your wedding venue. What was the main criterion in making the choice?

We always saw Estonia as the country of the wedding location, and we wanted the party location to be close to nature and beautiful, but not lacking a bit of luxury in the form of some details (drinks, food, decorations). It was also important that as many guests as possible could take part in our party, and thus proximity to the capital remained an important criterion. It was also a definite wish that all guests could stay overnight if they wished.

What would you do differently when planning your wedding today?

In retrospect, I have thought that maybe it would have been possible to organize something somewhere in the open nature and use a slightly more luxurious party tent. I guess now such transparent tents are also available, because at that moment we certainly didn’t want to use the usual white tents. There were different ideas about the place and decorations, but unfortunately only one has to be chosen. All that’s left is to organize a new party on, for example, the 5th wedding anniversary!

Most touching moment at the wedding?

Walking along the small path of the manor park towards the “altar” and seeing all these guests. Arriving at the party room, feeling and seeing that everyone was happy and knowing that it was going to be a mega cool and unforgettable night! And the first group dance. There were actually a lot of those moments!

What moments did you and your guests remember the most?

Many Estonians remembered the arrival of the bride and groom with dancing and waving of napkins. Foreigners loved this traditional vodka lace. Many also mentioned that everything was so well organized. 😉

What were you willing to spend the most on at the wedding and what were you willing to save on if necessary?

From the beginning, we had thought that we would spend the most on food and wine. Since there is a Frenchman, it had to be in the best possible place, simple, but good. Less important was the video and all kinds of wedding gifts for the guests, which are often lost during the party or are somewhat useless.

What do you recommend future brides and grooms to keep in mind when planning their wedding?

I personally recommend using a wedding planner! I’ve always thought that organizing a wedding is one big stress, during which brides take on a lot and end up missing half of the party due to a big stress drop. Rather spend a little more, but instead feel like a guest at your wedding, so you don’t have to run around with your head scattered on your most important day.

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