Gentle romance in Haapsalu Kuursaal


We had been together for 15 years with the ups and downs in the waves of the sea of life, had two children and got engaged (unexpectedly for the bride) on Valentine’s Day. Our first emotion was that we won’t organize the wedding this year because it felt that there is not enough time to put together the wedding that we wished. But then we still decided to try. As we had been to many weddings before, then we knew that we had a quite clear vision, what kind of party we would like to have. 

The first important details

At first we dealt with the most important thing, which is the location of the wedding. We picked out the closest place for us – Haapsalu Kuursaal. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to have the wedding outside of Tallinn, so that we and the guests could have a mini-vacation in Haapsalu. Haapsalu has always been very close to our hearts, so the decision was easy to make.  There is a romantic vibe, the sea and summery feeling is in favour of that. In addition, it was possible to accommodate all the guests there. That is what we wanted – to see and talk to the guests the day after the wedding too. 

Based on the location of the party, we found that it is very suitable to have the ceremony at Haapsalu Vital Statistics Department, which is located in Uuemõisa castle. We already had a suitable wedding photographer Triin. Next we started looking for a band that will create the mood for the whole evening. From the previous cooperation project, the bride knew a suitable MC and through him we reached the wedding organizers.

Cooperation with the wedding organizer

After the bigger details were in place, we were convinced that we definitely wanted to involve the wedding organizer to avoid the stress and surprises associated with planning. Meeting with Merily, Taago and later Liisa, was a very pleasant moment of recognition, where we felt that they are our people. Good humor, professionality and stress free atmosphere would be the keywords. 

We felt that we had a clear vision and together with the wedding organizers we quickly reached suitable solutions. The wedding organizers had such great ideas, that we didn’t know of before and we could choose the ones that we liked the most. 

The best moments

We did not have to make concessions in our wishes and plans and we would not do anything differently. Everything was exactly as we wished. We enjoyed our wedding day very much. The morning before the wedding was exactly the idyll we had imagined in our minds. The wonderful Gethe, who took care of the beauty of the bride, a photographer and videographers came to us. The atmosphere was carefree and relaxed and full of refreshing humor.

The most moving moment was of course the ceremony. Photoshooting together and recording footage with the videographers also created a very special feeling. And learning our first dance turned into a hobby that we both still enjoy – it was very nice to go to a dance course, a really nice quality time for two of us.

Our guests praised the wedding on the day and the day after, and so on. A lot has been pointed out. That everything was very well thought out. Wonderful visual side. The fact that at the ceremony there was also catering and after midnight the night snacks were brought out. The food was delicious. That it was nice to walk in Haapsalu the day after the party. The entertainment was engaging. And, of course, the band Legend was praised by everyone. We can’t wish for a better selection of songs and the feeling of the party.

Merli and Mattias’ recommendations for future brides and grooms

Apparently, what the actual costs are is not exactly imagined at first. We recommend that you keep an eye on your wedding budget to have an overview. One big but very important expense is definitely a high quality videographer service. In addition, one of the best recommendations from the wedding organizer was to take a person to look after our children, who made sure that they would have a great time at the wedding as well.

Stay yourself and you will also have a wedding that represents who you are, so that you could enjoy it the most. For example, we made a cinema invitation for the guests instead of the usual small gifts, and in the autumn we all got together to watch a wedding video and share great emotions with relatives and friends. We highly recommend it to others!

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