Oscars Gala in Inchcape style


Have you thought it would be cool to attend the Oscars? Everything is so glamorous, beautiful and cinematic..

– We and the Inchcape team had this opportunity!

One winter evening we transformed their office space into something extra special. Just a few hours and the car showroom became a magnificent gala hall. The entire process and details were thoroughly thought out together with the client. Employees received an Oscars Gala trophy in recognition, and the names of the bar’s cocktails were related to the company’s own theme. In order for the evening to flow with humor and professionalism, Tõnis Niinemets led the whole party and Ott Lepland was responsible for the musical pieces. 

The participants of the gala could pose in front of the photo wall in their fancy clothes. That evening, photographer Rene Riisalu became a gossip photographer, in other words, a paparazzo, and the employees felt like real celebrities.

Inchcape’s corporate party was something extraordinary and they had such exciting and ‘crazy’ ideas that we helped bring to life. As we like to say: “The more original and ‘out of the box’ ideas, the more challenging and exciting that project is.” It was a powerful gala!

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Organizing & visuals
Celebrate Group
Inchcape's salon
Evening host
Tõnis Niinemets
Ott Lepland
DJ & lights
Aaro Põder
Photographer vol 1
Rene Riisalu
Photographer vol 2
Taago Heinmaa
Ahti Lyra
Sound solutions
Full House Agency
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Rentals vol 3
Rentals vol 4
INK Deco
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