International permanent make-up conference afterparty at Viking Village

(Sviatoslav Otchenash Tallinn Masterclass)


The two-day international permanent make-up conference was followed by a legendary and spirited afterparty at the Viking Village.

About 200 permanent make-up artists from 19 different countries took part in the conference, so it seemed on point to take them back in time to the viking era and let them be a part of this culture and live it themselves. 

The show started already in front of the Hilton Hotel, where the buses with costumized drivers picked up the participants. Then they arrived at the Viking Village where musicians greeted them and led them to the flag ceremony.

The first picture that opened to the guests was rather calm – a cozy and sunny area where the DJ played some tunes and the guests had some drinks and snacks – but it was followed by a big surprise that everyone remembers as one of the most legendary and unique events that they have ever been to. 

Suddenly there were Vikings rowing across the river, who had a great battle and who then hoisted the flag of the company with a dance of the men. It was all accompanied with age-appropriate music and for a moment it felt like you were in a time machine that has taken you back a few centuries.

The party continued in a huge party tent that was decorated according to the theme and every detail told their story. Let it be said that some of the elements were very accurate because they came straight from the antiquariat. The decor had it all – skulls, carts, skins, barrels and authentic tableware.

The guests had delicious food, the barmen shaked fantastic refreshing cocktails and the MC’s, Koit and Kaupo, who were dressed as vikings, offered great entertainment. Of course the guests got to experience what it was like to be a viking by throwing an ax, doing some blacksmithing and by a workshop of throwing home items conducted by female vikings. 

The highlight of the evening was the performance of the band Metsatöll who left no one cold and who got called back to the stage several times. The final performance was fierce – two Siim’s did a pyro-drum show that no one had experienced before. The guests left saying that it was the party of the century. 

Those kind of events are the passion of Celebrate Group – offering out of the box solutions and experiences. The organizing period for this event lasted for 1.5 years, including the covid-19 situation, that made us think about plan A, B and C. The preparations for the party lasted for three long days and many people were involved with it. 

A bow to the team and biggest thanks to the client for trusting us!

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Location & catering
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Viking show group
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Infocus media oü (Alex Dg)
Olde Hansa muusikud, Metsatöll; DJ Rando Hallik; Siim Koppel & Siim Jõgioja (trummid + püro)
Ahti Lyra
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