An exquisite and nature-inspired wedding

July 2023

In July 2023, we held an unforgettable day for Kaidi and Alex. The premises of Taju, located somewhere 30 km from Tallinn, turned into a wedding celebration place. We based the wedding visuals on the wishes of the bride and groom to organize an environment influenced by Estonia and nature. We imitated naturalness, rusticity, and the colors natural white, pastel light pink and nature green. We asked the bride and groom to answer some questions related to the wedding, which will help the visitors of our website to better understand this wedding and perhaps also get ideas.

Why and how did you decide to get married?

We fell in love and knew we wanted to spend the rest of our life together, having the wedding party was a lovely way to celebrate with our friends and family. 

How long was your wedding planning process?

I think it took about a year but around 9 months from securing the venue to the big day. 

What was your wedding vision/theme? How did you implement the idea?

We wanted to keep it very Estonian rather than English. We wanted for ourselves to have a relaxed and fun time and especially for our friends and family to experience something very different from a traditional UK wedding. 

Did you also have to make significant changes in your plans?

No not really. We fell in love with Taju and it all fell into place from there.

What was your wish for gifts and flowers from your guests? 

We asked them to either not bring gifts/flowers or to donate to our wedding fund. 

Talk about choosing your wedding venue. What was the main criteria in making the choice?

It was a tough criteria. Somewhere close to the airport and Tallinn city centre to make the trip for our foreign guests easy. But somewhere that feels like you are far away from the city, so a bit of an oxymoron. We found the perfect place thanks to my bridesman Alex.

What would you do differently when planning your wedding today?

Nothing! We loved the way the team took care of us and it was just easy and turned out great. 

Most touching moment at the wedding?

The wows! But the ceremony was just something special we will never forget! 

What moments did you and your guests remember the most?

To be fair there were so many: Alex on a horse, the ceremony in the forest, Pauric singing and our first dance, the photo shoot and videos with just the two of us, the bbq extravaganza with drums and fireworks. 

What were you willing to spend the most on at the wedding, and what were you willing to save on if necessary?

Spend on the venue, food and drinks I guess that’s normal. I also wanted a specific vibe with the decorations and especially flowers. 

What were the surprises on your wedding day? Did everything go exactly as planned?

Haha I didn’t realise how early the bride had to wake up, but it was all amazing. The day went quickly but happily. We love the fact that we have the documentary version from the videographers to watch back.❤️

What do you recommend to future brides and grooms to keep in mind when planning their wedding?

Start with the venue and the vision – how do you want to feel and your guests to feel? The rest will come on its own. 

Why hire a wedding planner?

Taago and the team were the best ever! We couldn’t have done this without them. Because we live in the UK their work started with helping us line up like 6 venues to check out on one weekend all the way to organising every small detail and following the vision Alex and I set out, but largely independently lining up all the vendors and coming up with awesome suggestions.

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