A cozy seaside jubilee

on a warm summer day


Last July we had the pleasure of hosting a jubilee celebration. The dancing and eating area was created under a large tent, where in the evening lights placed under the ceiling lit up. The birthday performers were Rolf Roosalu and Marvi Vallaste, who were able to convey energy and positivity to everyone with their wonderful voices. The evening host and DJ was the amazing Artur Raidmets. 

In the evening, guests gathered around a large fire that helped to keep warm in addition to the energetic dance steps. BBQ Entertainment Catering ensured that everyone was full and additionally to the food already on the tables they cooked barbecue meat on site. A place by the sea, grilled meat, the smell of grass and campfire – some of the most pleasant things that make summer in Estonia so wonderful. The synergy there created a completely different world, and all the daily thoughts that usually trouble our heads disappeared. A fabulous evening in the company of warm-hearted people.

Organizing & visuals
Celebrate Group
Rolf Roosalu & Marvi Vallaste
Evening Host & DJ
Artur Raidmets
Photographer vol 1
Kalev Lilleorg
Photographer vol 2
Sandra Palm
Ahti Lyra
Tent rental
Comfy Events

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