Late autumn wedding at Ruhe


Viljar & Kaisas wedding day the sea was smooth, the sunbeams caressed the frosty stones with its warmth and the birds were singing. Nothing gave away that it was the end of November – the crisp late autumn.

When The Põvvats family stepped out of the car, the sister of the bride was playing a beautiful melody on the saxophone. The guests had formed a tunnel bordered with sparklers so the bride and groom with their toddlers could step through the tunnel to the wedding party. To scare away the cold weather there were Jägermeister shots waiting for the guests and the bride and groom – it was a wonderful beginning to a wedding that the couple still warmly recalls: “The whole wedding was very warm, cozy and heartfelt. The guests enjoyed, we enjoyed and they still tell stories about the wedding!”

The planning of Viljar & Kaisas wedding was not traditional. They have been together for over 10 years, they have a sweet home and two wonderful kids. Marriage was rather postponed to the future. “On one evening at home we were discussing that we are bored and that we should do something, for example let’s go and register the marriage. We both started laughing about that! A few days later when the bride-to-be was at work, she got a call from the groom-to-be with an invite to have lunch. In addition to lunch we also set the time to register our marriage!” says the bride. 

Seven weeks to the wedding!

The bride and groom soon realized that they wanted to use the help of the wedding planner. They had decided not to wait with the wedding but to do it in seven weeks!

“At first we thought about organizing the wedding ourselves, but after a few days we realized that due to lack of time and previous experience it is not the best idea. Moreover we had some disagreements that did not help at all. To bring our ideas to life we joined hands with Celebrate Group, who read us like a book and proposed marvelous solutions for an excellent party.”

The bride and groom prioritized the things that are most important to them and what could get less attention and money spent on. For example they decided to register their marriage a couple days before the party and not have the ceremony during the wedding party. The most important for Kaisa and Viljar were their guests – for them to have a great time, that the food would be delicious and that the music would make their hips sway. 

“Almost all the guests are telling how pleasant and warm wedding we had! Everyone had fun, the activities were amusing, the music was superb and the food was delightful!” The chosen location was restaurant Ruhe which met all the criteria – quality food, good service, cozy atmosphere and it was close to Tallinn. In the beginning the wedding had to be with accommodation, but the bride and groom decided to end the party at midnight and they say it was the best decision!

“The whole evening ran in a natural rhythm. Everyone had enjoyed the evening for a long time and in our opinion, the party is good when it has ended at the right time. The guests took all the best from that evening!” says the groom.


Things that future brides and grooms should consider when planning a wedding: 

  1. Enjoy your wedding to the fullest! Hire helpers – the wedding planners, who will take care of the organizing. Less stress, more emotions. Money comes and goes 🙂 
  2. The MC is very important! He holds the evening together and senses people’s moods and desires.
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