Christmas spirited winter wedding in Mooste


December is a time of miracles and peace. And what could be more magical than celebrating your love and saying yes to each other on this month. That’s the understanding our lovely bride and groom reached as well.

Maire and Indrek have been living abroad for years. Their engagement took place in Copenhagen and at first it seemed like a good idea to marry in Barcelona, in a castle by the seashore… but soon they understood that in this case the people closest to them could not take part of their wedding. They thought no gorgeous view or visually beautiful moment does not overweigh the presence of family. After consideration the best time and place for the wedding seemed to be Estonia in the heart of the summer. 

3 months till the wedding 

One day Maire and Indrek came across with pictures of a stunning winter wedding and felt that this is exactly right for them. Wintertime, especially during Christmas, was also the time when their friends from all over the world came back home to Estonia for the holidays and to their foreign friends snowy Estonia seemed like an exciting experience. 

Three months before the planned wedding day, Maire and Indrek wrote to the wedding planner. “We felt that even though we are both project managers and we know how to keep things organized, we needed someone who helps us with wedding planning and lets us and our guests fully enjoy the wedding day! So we wrote to Merily and in a few days we already had a video meeting with the team of wedding planners. After the meeting we felt we had an even better overview of our wishes and presumable budget. Further process went so fast and before we knew it was time to set our steps to our home country to say the most important “Yes” of our lives,” reminisced the couple.

Luxurious winter wedding

As the theme of the wedding the bride and groom wanted “luxurious winter fairytale” but at the same time they wished to keep a minimalistic line. “Before the wedding we spent countless hours in Pinterest looking for interesting visual solutions. Together with the team of wedding planners we found very cool ideas that got a lot of positive feedback from our guests. For example instead of table numbers we decided to use the countries that we have lived in or visited, instead of fireworks we had amber powder ceremony, after our first dance we invited everyone to dance jenka with us and for the people who had sore feet after all the dancing we offered cozy slippers. However the most popular among our guests were the midnight snacks – miniburgers and dumplings!” says the bride. 

The most important moments of the wedding – to the guests and to the bride and groom

“For us it was most important to have a stunningly beautiful and emotionally sincere ceremony and that the wedding party would leave an indelible impression on our guests,” tells the couple. “The most memorable for us was the ceremony officiated by Peep Ain Saar and our first dance, when it felt like the time stopped and there were only us surrounded by our loved ones. Also the speeches given by the people close to us and the memory of how we rocked till the early hours of the morning are dear to us.”

“We still hear the praise for the wedding from our guests – breathtaking flower arrangements, Comodo band, activities hosted by Taavi Puuorg…”

Recommendations from bride and groom

  • It is very important that you and the wedding planner share the same values. There are many professional wedding planners but in the end the way you connect with the person and how the wedding planner makes you feel on your wedding day is what truly counts. If the team is strong, you can enjoy beautiful moments without worrying. 
  • Invest in the wedding planner!
  • Invest in a photo- and videographer, because these are the memories that stay with you for years. 
  • Think what matters the most to YOU. Don’t think about what is usually done in a wedding or what your friends and relatives expect from a wedding. It is YOUR day. The story of your love. Celebrate it exactly as you want.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the process itself because it is unique and it will only happen once. The final result is important but so is the journey. 
  • Take a few days to yourself before the wedding, spend time together, think about why you are marrying and what that day means to you. 

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