Nightclub and gourmet restaurant in the forest – Merily 35


At a time when everything is turned upside down, it is the most important time to value the time that you spend with the people dear to you.

Covid-19 tried to take this opportunity away and made it difficult to spend time together with friends, especially indoors. In the summer, there is no problem to be outdoors and celebrate, but what to do in winter, when it is crispy cold?

Our team member Merily decided that she does not leave the arrival of her 35th year unmarked and invited her loved ones to a crispy-cold hike in the bog.

Adventure and hiking company 360 Kraadi waited for all the guests next to a forest, gave everyone the bogshoes and several hours of hiking could start.

When the people returned from the hike they got a big surprise – there was a cozy campsite set up decorated with lots of fairy lights. As the first thing, the forest gourmet chef from Maitseelamuste Koda gave everyone a schnaps, which was served in the test tube and the party could start.

Maitseelamuste Koda offered different good and even better dishes that were made right on the fire. All the food was made of fresh Estonian goods and the chef Tauno added to the food the herbs and spices straight from the forest. Throughout the night there were teakettles seething on the fire and no one felt cold. 

This, however, was not the end… At one moment the forest was filled with LED-lights and music by the saxophone player Henri Aruküla and in only a few seconds the cozy campsite turned into a nightclub, where everyone danced like no one was watching. 

The evening was topped off with pancakes from our forest gourmet restaurant and by telling old forest legends. In spite of the crispy cold weather, the people released their vocal chords and the wintery February night had gained a completely different meaning. 

In conclusion – everything is possible, dare to dream and say it out loud, we will take care of the rest!

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