All On Board – on the way to a brighter future


February 9th was spent in the center of new adventures as we held the Ragn-Sells 2024 Kick-Off. The T1 Black Box turned into an environment full of positivity and ambition, where almost 200 Ragn-Sells employees met.

The purpose of the event was to strengthen the feeling of a united and forward-moving team, leading to the creation of the concept ‘All on board – on the way to a brighter future’. This theme gave everyone a ticket and access to a brighter future. The celebration took the participants together on a journey that was inspiring, innovative and progressive with endless possibilities.

Those entering the hall were greeted by a ‘travel attendant’ who checked the participants’ tickets. The captain of the evening was Tanja Mihhailova-Saar and her co-pilot Koit-Georg Peterson.

At the party, we followed the principles of sustainable event organization and lifestyle. We offered healthy food and promoted an active lifestyle.

The visuals of the event were designed to convey the lightness and airiness of the sky and clouds.

We created a nice lounge and bar area for the guests, where everyone had the opportunity to buy a drink of their choice and have a good time with their colleagues.

As an interlude, Märt Agu conducted simple dance lessons. The dance performance involved the entire audience, and he taught in a very fun way, the popular dance steps. The main performer of the evening was the legendary band LEGEND.

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Nom Design ja Celebrate Group
Evening host
Tanja Mihhailova- Saar ja Koit-Georg Peterson
Dance lessons
Märt Agu
Technical solutions
Videal Productions
Catering and bar
Ribe catering
Karen Härms
Anton Jegorov (Videal Productions)
Ahti Lyra
Different Event Furniture, Videal Productions, Nom Design, Celebrate Group
Graphic design
Celebrate Group
360° camera
360° kaamerad

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