Medicum’s 36th anniversary gala dinner


The last few years have been very busy and challenging especially for the people working in the field of medicine. Considering all this, it is also necessary to take time off, enjoy the company of colleagues in an open atmosphere and relax in the company of good entertainment.

On the 18th of February, a gala dinner dedicated to the 36th anniversary of Medicum was held at Klinkberg Venue in the courtyard of Maarjamäe Castle, where, after enjoying the delicacies offered by Enn Tobreluts’ BBQ Entertainment catering, the most outstanding employees were recognized and thanked for their work and dedication.

The evening was opened by talented Singing Waiters, whose performance surprised everyone. The ensemble Will Black & White with its energetic hits, filled the dance floor with their first songs. Ruslan Trochynskyi offered an uplifting experience with an emotional trombone show, and the guests were guided through the evening by the energetic host Jevgeni Timoštšuk. 

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Organizing & visuals
Celebrate Group
Singing Waiters
Priidu Aardam, Geir Luht, Rasmus Erismaa
Trombone show
Ruslan Trochynskyi
Rene Riisalu
Infocus Media
Ahti Lyra

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