Anna-liisa’s and Teet’s Southern-Estonian castle wedding


Anna-Liisa and Teet had been together for over a decade before they decided to make it official. They wished to have a wedding for their friends, family and relatives. „We wanted it to be a day full of fun activities that would be remembered for a while,“ says Anna-Liisa.

They started organizing the wedding already a year and a half in advance. They also decided to get a wedding planner involved straight from the beginning. „We had ideas that we introduced to the wedding planner, they took those ideas brushed them up and brought them to life,“ is the bride satisfied. She also emphasizes that there are a lot of things that you don’t even manage to think of, but that for event planners are quite casual, so your day will be even more ideal than you can imagine. „I am truly happy that we found Merily, Taago and Liisa and I believe that our wedding day wouldn’t have been half as amazing without them, as it was.“

An ideal wedding without any an ideal wedding without compromise

The young couple had decided to get their ideal wedding, which is why they didn’t want to let go of any idea or detail. “We must say that we didn’t expect everything to be so expensive, but it was all worth it,” they stay certain. They had saved money for a long time already, which meant that also their most demanding wishes could be fulfilled. “Our friends that got married in 2016 gave us some very good advice:

“Invest in your wedding as much as possible, even if it means that you have to postpone it for a year or two, it will be worth it.”

“We were definitely willing to spend on entertainment, location and the photographer. Our goal was to have pictures full of colour and Triin Mangusson met all our expectations,” recalls the couple. They left out the videographer from their initial budget, but during the planning process they finally decided to take one on board. “We were very happy that we hired a videographer. Sinisilm Films with Marten Merila apprehended our emotions so well. We relive it every time we watch the video,” is the couple happy.

The bride designed her own dress and together with tailor Silvi Jukami they made a unique wedding dress. The suit was made by Suit-up. “Exceedingly professional service, professional design production and as a result a stunning suit!”

Tent wedding combined with manor wedding

It was very important to the couple that the wedding venue would be in Southern-Estonia, so that it would be easier for the grandparents to come as well. It was also important that all the guests could be accommodated at the same location. “We went to see many locations, but when we arrived at the Wagenküll Manor then we understood straight away that this is our spot,” says the couple. The garden was an ideal place where to set up a grand tent for the wedding reception. The tent was entirely translucent, which let the castle and the garden itself create a magical and fairytale like atmosphere.

The most moving moment for the couple was the ceremony. As a surprise the brides four-legged friend was also a part of the ceremony – he brought forth the rings, which made most of the guests tear up. Of course, the actual ceremony itself was touching as well.

Anna-Liisa is a huge dog-friend, which is why they also asked all their guests not to bring flowers but to bring donations for an animal shelter. That money they later took to Tartu’s animal shelter.

“I believe that every guest remembered a different part of our wedding, but a grand surprise was definitely Karl-Erik Taukar and his performance, which made everyone dance and sing even in the 30-degree heat,” says Anna-Liisa. Also the band Fragments was fierce and burbly, so that everyone had burned many days worth of calories by morning. „The MC Taavi Puuorg fit with our friends perfectly and even though we tend to be very sarcastic he never flinched and could reply to every joke we  threw at him. We could really laugh all night long.“

Together with the wedding planner to new events

Every wedding has some unpredictability. “We had some surprises, but we found out about them only the next day, which shows how professional were our wedding planners,” was the bride satisfied. All problems got solved without the couple even hearing about them. “Even if there were problems, then we didn’t understand a thing. We definitely recommend hiring a wedding planner. You can not even imagine how much help they can be. The wedding day has to be enjoyable for the couple and for the guests. Everything was so staggeringly amazing for us that we have already used their service again for organizing my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary, which was of course yet another success. We wish to thank one more everyone who participated in organizing our wedding and helped to make it unforgettable from the bottom of our hears.”

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