A captivating murder mystery in Laitse Castle


We took the Tietoevry team to a captivating 1920s-style murder mystery at Laitse Castle, where participants had the opportunity to get out of everyday life and their usual roles and get to know their colleagues from a new angle in a different environment.

The murder mystery took place as an exciting role-play – the participants received a role inspired by the local history and stayed in it throughout the evening. During the role play, the participants could be free, live into the role and see how their peers reacted and behaved in different situations and controlled their emotions and activities at unexpected moments.

Simultaneously with the murder mystery, it was possible to enjoy a delicious three-course dinner. After solving the mystery of murder and enjoying dinner, the participants were able to dance the night away to the DJ’s lively and catchy rhythms. 

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Location & catering
Laitse Loss
Taago Heinmaa

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