Triin and Fredy’s unbelievable and unforgettable romance of a barn wedding


The story of our wedding planning began when we got engaged in December of 2016. After that we had to decide how and when we wanted to get married. For us there were two options: whether we have our dream wedding or we don’t have a wedding at all. We did not want to compromise our dreams at all. After a year of thinking about the wedding, we decided that we want to try to organize the wedding party. Precisely ‘try’ because everyone knows that weddings are expensive. We had no idea what expenses there could be when organizing a wedding, but we had set a budget in our heads. We made an agreement that if we can organize our dream wedding with that budget then we will do it, but if we can’t then we will get married by ourselves. 

We hadn’t been to many weddings before so we didn’t have an understanding of how one should be organized. The beginning was very difficult – we had a lot of ideas but no contacts. We couldn’t grasp the costs of different aspects and everything seemed to be over our powers. There were moments when we put the whole thing on hold because we simply did not know what to do next. By chance we found the webpage and it was the best thing that happened in our wedding planning process, because without Merily and Liisa our wedding probably wouldn’t have happened. After our first meeting I had a bunch of contacts and ideas to move on with. We got specific answers to our questions and we put together a budget. Thanks to the wedding planners we got access to information that first-time marriers can’t find out in any way. Their experiences kept us from a couple of very bad choices and their encouragement helped us to find some awesome ideas.

When we talked about our vision and ideas, the wedding planners suggested Rehe Küün to us. The more we thought about it the more it became suitable for our style. We wanted a rustic barn wedding. When the location was booked, the next important steps were booking the MC and the band. We knew that we didn’t want to compromise, so we picked both very carefully. We did a lot of research, watched several videos, sent many requests and met with different MCs. Choosing a photographer was difficult too, as we had to look through many portfolios and a lot of requests. To about half of them we received an answer that this date is already booked. Fortunately those service providers who we wanted the most, were available on our wedding date. After the second meeting with the wedding planner we got a schedule that helped us to organize the things we had to do for the wedding. 

There was a lot of organizing to do and it really helped to keep everything under control. In March we sent out the invitations, which we ordered the insides to but the cover we made by ourselves from sackcloth, lace and cord. It was important to us that the invite would give a hint of the style of our wedding to the guest. We decided to make a big part of the decorations by ourselves, so we spent tens of hours cleaning and decorating the jars, but the storage of the wedding planner was what gave the finishing touch to our decorations. We could easily rent the missing decorations. When the wedding day approached, we discovered that we had organized everything like we had dreamed of. We didn’t have to give up anything or even make compromises. That is what every couple who is getting married wishes and we are very happy that we got that chance.

Our wedding day was amazing. We thought that small errors or miscalculations could ruin our mood but in reality on this day the bride and groom are in their own bubble, where everything is amazing and unforgettable. Afterwards when looking at the pictures, we find some things on them that we didn’t notice on our wedding day. So a recommendation for all the future brides and grooms – don’t worry too much! If you have hired wedding planners, everything will work out.

All of our service providers met our expectations and we didn’t have any problems with them. The most memorable for the guests were the band and the MC – they create the atmosphere of the whole evening. For us both, the band and the MC, were very important decisions to make and we certainly didn’t want to save up on them. If you have to count on the weather, then there is always a possibility that everything will not go as planned. That’s what happened to us – a rainy evening meant that the things we had planned to do outside had to happen inside. Our guests had no idea that we had changed the original plan. 

Besides, the guests praised Fotostop. They could immediately take the pictures and glue them into the guestbook. Even the older guests took the photos with different accessories and put the photos to the guestbook or took the photos home with them. The catering was ordered from Caviar Catering and their professionality and quality was remarkable. In addition to delicious food, they had very nice and welcoming waiters. We were very satisfied with them and so were our guests.

For the future brides and grooms we recommend setting your priorities – what are the services you are willing to spend more money on and where you want to save up and make compromises. We advise you to ask people who have already had a wedding about their experience, because it is difficult to make any decisions when it’s your first contact with weddings.The wedding planners help a lot, they give good advice and recommend solutions and service providers that match with the style of your wedding. Don’t forget that it is your day! On this day, try to be as far away from wedding organizing as possible and enjoy the one day that you have spent so much energy on.  

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